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Ossian Vogel

Co-founder, CEO Ezebee

“We first approached Roweb with a broad description of the social commerce platform we had envisioned and we were happy to find that they quickly grasped the concept and were as excited about it as we were. What we liked best about working with them is the fact that they delivered a tight-knit team that’s used to working together efficiently, instead of individual developers, as it is the case with many outsourcing providers. We have a great communication and they’ve been very receptive to having the team travel to our headquarters whenever we thought it was necessary to work together in person. We regularly keep in touch through frequent skype meetings and we really get the sense that we’re all part of the same team. Working with Roweb has made it easy for us to access multiple technical skills. The team proved capable of making a smooth transition from PHP to Node.JS as Ezebee grew and we needed to scale up, and they quickly learned new skills and adapted to our requests. I would readily recommend Roweb for their innovative mindset fuelled by passion for their work and love of new challenges.”

Tim Styles

Chief Information Officer at nGAGE (formerly trading as Human Capital Investment Group)

“nGAGE (formerly trading as Human Capital Investment Group) have worked with Roweb for more than eighteen months and during that time have been very impressed by the high level of skill, professionalism and service that they have delivered. Our initial engagement with Roweb entailed them taking over management of a large e-commerce web site where the previous software developers had left the code in a very poor state, system performance was very slow and many users were very unhappy. Roweb stabilised the codebase, made improvements to the user interface and delivered much needed new functionality. We are now working with them on a new version that will finally remove all of the previous developers code. Roweb have also developed new applications for us including web and Windows desktop products used by many users within our company. The location in Romania is very convenient for the UK, the level of English spoken by developers is very good and I have no hesitation in recommending Roweb as a offshore development partner.”

Jean Waucquez

Owner, WHISE nv

“Roweb proved to be a great partner to work with, providing us with a highly responsive team. During our collaboration, I found it very easy to communicate with them and they were very flexible in meeting our requirements. Because of the project's complexity, new requirements came up quite often and they always managed to find and implement the adequate solution on time.
I would have no hesitation in recommending them for complex enterprise development projects.”

Bjarke Hansen

CEO, Owner TourPaq Aps

“Together with Roweb we’ve built TourPaq up, from a booking system for small tour operators, into one of the leading solutions on the market, addressing the needs of large tourism businesses. We were impressed by the level of professionalism that Roweb showed throughout our collaboration. They have always managed to understand our needs and wishes and help us turn our ideas into reality.
The travel industry is in a constant development, which requires us to understand emerging needs for changes and puts great demands on the development team. Roweb have always managed to be up to the challenge and stay ahead with new technologies we could use. It is a pleasure to cooperate with such a professional partner, which not only delivers what´s agreed upon, but also have the future in mind, when developing new things.
Roweb continues to be our partner, maintaining communication with TourPaq users, taking care of daily corrections and planning the development directly with them.
Since the beginning of our collaboration we’ve entrusted Roweb with all project management responsibilities, leaving it to them to put into practice our ideas and input, which has enabled us to focus on selling the product and therefore achieve a huge competitive head start. I can truly recommend Roweb and have really enjoyed the 6 years that we have worked together.”





Roles we provide

Project managers
Business analysts
Q&A specialists
Scrum masters
UX Designer


YOU send your requirements
WE deliver you a quote (in the shortest time possible)
WE plan the team size and structure
YOU validate the projects’ proposal
WE start building your project
WE constantly keep in touch on the project’s progress


  • We provide experienced, skilled, certified developers, project managers, business analysts, scrum masters, UX specialists designers, QA specialists;
  • You can establish the same working relationship as with your main crew;
  • You will benefit from full transparency;
  • You have daily or weekly access to timesheets;
  • Daily communication and management directly with the project manager or with programmers using standardized industry tools;
  • We use an agile approach to ensure fast development. Fully predictable costs and budget control.

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Business opportunities

Position on the market

Responsiveness in replacing staff

Your internal teams’ focus

Your focus on business growth

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