Internship - Android Development


Thanks for applying for our Android internship.

We prepared a small test that shouldn't take more than an hour. When it is done, submit the results to .
Deadline: June 6th, 2017

1. Which option is better to use for each one of the following sequences of code and why?

I  a) String str1 = new String("Hello");
   b) String str2 = "Hello";

II a) String s = "";
      for(int i = 0; i < INDEX; i++)
         s += "."; //or whatever

   b) StringBuffer b = new StringBuffer(INDEX);
      for(int i = 0; i < INDEX; i++)
         b.append("."); // or whatever


2. Write a program in Java that will check if two arrays of strings are equal.


   A = {"roweb", "android", "internship", "2017"};
   B = {"roweb", "Android", "internship"};

      For these 2 arrays the program will return False

   A = {"android", "is", "awesome"};
   B = {"android", "is", "awesome"};

      For these 2 arrays the program will return True




  • Training in a wide range of technologies, provided by experienced, enthusiastic and friendly colleagues
  • Professional experience, internship certificate and a reference – at the end of the internship program
  • Full-time employment for the most talented interns
  • A pleasant work environment at our office
  • A relaxed and supportive environment that encourages you to reach your full potential
  • Maximum flexibility, no rigid rules. We’re not a corporation, we’re a dynamic and enthusiastic company that will give you the chance to try on different roles




I am a passionate Android developer and Scrum Master with 7 years experience in programming.


I like to share my knowledge as a trainer and mentor on the internships organised at Roweb and also at the University of Pitesti. In my spare time I enjoy writing articles about Agile or programming on my blog and also on other developer communities websites.


I am involved in organising free events for developers as a GDG Pitești Co-Organiser and also to support the women in tech as a leader of Women Techmakers România Community.