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Job Summary

We provide front office recruitment Applicant Tracking System and back office processing for payroll and invoicing for some of the UK's largest employers. We use Perl running on Linux with a combination of legacy Apache server and modern Dancer2 and Raisin frameworks for our APIs.

The developer role requires good knowledge of Perl, Linux, shell scripts, web frameworks (Dancer2, Raisin), RESTful web services, use of git source code control, security, MySQL database and web standards, along with proven experience of working in a mixed discipline team on web application projects. Knowledge and experience with UK financial and payroll systems is an advantage, as is exposure to UIs built with ReactJS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3.


  • To write modern object-oriented Perl scripts using MySQL database and other server-side technologies to create dynamic web applications and implement API services.
  • To write unit tests using Test: More and functional tests within an automated testing environment.
  • To collaborate with colleagues using Jira ticketing system and git on to develop, review and approve each other’s code in an agile working environment, and log time for work done.
  • To write suitable technical specification and design documentation.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

  • Experience of using Perl to develop web applications and services.
  • Experience of using an ORM like DBIx:Class.
  • Demonstrable experience of using a web framework like Dancer2, Catalyst, Raisin.
  • Familiarity with a templating language like Template: Toolkit.
  • Demonstrable understanding of RESTful web service concepts including OpenAPI Specification for service definition and JSON data structures.
  • Knowledge and experience of software testing and quality practices such as TDD with unit tests.
  • Experience of working in a commercial software environment with agile team processes.
  • Experience of working with legacy and other developer’s code to maintain and enhance it.


  • CPAN / FLOSS contributions.
  • Experience using Amazon AWS web systems and components.
  • Linux system administration skills.


  • Planning and organising work. Using a tool like Jira to record and report on work.
  • Collaboration. Working with others in a team to support shared success.
  • Communication. Able to clearly communicate with technical developers, support stuff and the project manager, and understand in return what is required and expected in your work.
  • Problem solving. Logical thinking, ability to break down and solve problems with IT components.


The position is opened for all of our Roweb offices, and we are opened for remote work as well.

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