CanGINE2 Tachograph


Android 2.2 +, XML, GSM, REST Web Service, TCP, Bluetooth SPP, CAN protocol


The CanGINE2 is an application used in Fleet Management Systems for distribution companies.

The app enables companies to download tachograph data remotely via 3G or Wi- Fi, directly from the drivers equipped with an Android 2.3+ smartphone.

It uses a Bluetooth connection to remotely authenticate the tachograph device on the vehicle and a company card safely placed in a smart-card reader on a Windows XP+ server. The entire download sequence is managed by the application, so by simply pressing a button, the tachograph data will be saved on the Android device's SD card in .DDD format. The data can then be retrieved from the phone remotely, via a Wi-Fi or a 3G connection from the company office.

It supports all tachographs that use CAN protocol via the CANGine2 device and a LM048 serial to the Bluetooth device.


CAN protocol

Bluetooth SPP

TCP connection

Web Service

Push Notification

layer XML

Android 2.2+



 Data download and display: the Android device is paired to the LM048 Bluetooth device, which in turn is connected to the CanGINE2 module and the VDO tachograph. It facilitates downloading the data from the tachograph on to the Android device and displaying it on the touchscreen.

 Download data categories: Events and Faults, Overview, Technical Data, Detailed Speed, Driver Data.

 Push notifications: the system uses push notifications to inform the driver about the download initiation.