Custom Software Solutions for Real Estate

Since 2004, based on our 130+ full-time developers' experience in software development projects, we have been providing custom software solutions that help businesses grow.

Type of solutions we can build

Marketplace & Online Portals

Marketplace & Online Portals help you get real estate business owners, agents, and clients on the same page! From fast development based on pre-defined platforms to custom software solutions - developed from scratch - we turn your business needs into sales generator tools.

Custom Software Solutions for Real Estate

Real Estate Marketplace & Online Portal

Based on existing platform architecture, we can deliver you (in only a few weeks) a custom marketplace solution/ online portal designed to integrate useful real estate features (custom filters, smart matchings, push notifications, market trends & analytics. etc.). Tap the button below to check out the main features and functionalities and get a FREE QUOTE.

Real Estate Websites for Agencies & Brokers

We develop agency-specific and brokerage-specific websites that can be integrated with various CRM solutions and that are able to gain visitors’ trust instantly and onboard them on an intuitive buyer journey. See below some examples:

Custom Software Solutions for Real Estate

Real Estate Online Portal

We built this project for the real estate industry with the desire to serve the needs of agencies and end-users, searching for a property, independently, better than before.

Custom Software Solutions for Real Estate

Dynamic website for Lumina Park

Increasing the brand’s trustability and the chance of attracting qualified customers through a responsive, SEO-optimized, and user-friendly website.

Custom Software Solutions for Real Estate

Sales-driven website for Smart Imob

Reducing agents’ time and effort, increasing sales volume, and attracting qualified prospects through an easily navigable design, customized WHISE CRM, and advanced features.

Custom Software Solutions for Real Estate

CRM & Website for a real estate agency - TopAgent

A complete solution (intuitive WHISE CRM solution integrated with a presentation website plus an external Flex MLS service), that helped our client shortening the learning process for agents and increasing sales volume.

Real Estate Mobile App Development

Mobile apps - from Online Store Real Estate App to feature-specific apps - are the shortest way to keep your customers close to your business. Once your app is downloaded on their phones, they will be able to check out your offers effortlessly – with no risk of forgetting your company/product’s name or wasting time in Google searches.

Samples of mobile apps you can develop for your real estate business:

  • online store properties app;
  • data import plugins;
  • automatic completion of trading documents;
  • lead management app;
  • CRM mobile app;
  • property research app;
  • live presentations app;
  • transaction time calculator;
  • real estate marketplace.
Custom Software Solutions for Real Estate

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