A complete experience of a real estate portal for desktop and mobile devices

PHP, Laravel, Lumen, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Google Maps API, Docker


real estate online portal
Our client

The client wants to act like a „middle man” between agencies and end-users.

One important feature is for the platform to deliver only relevant search results.

Client needs

We built this project for the real estate industry with the desire to serve the needs of agencies and end-users, searching for a property, independently, better than before.

It offers a complete experience of a real estate portal for desktop and mobile devices. It has multiple functionalities and it has a comprehensive understanding of today’s needs of the market.

real estate online portal
Our Approach

We worked with 1-week sprints of workload.

In some points, the project required to take over the design part as well. The project manager made the project's plan. As the developer directly connected to the client, and also through the project manager, we ensured easy communication.

To have a good and stable search basis, we didn’t delete anything from the database (active or past properties), that was all done for the statistics. The database had an extended size because of the multiple entries, but thanks to our experts and the technologies used, the portal loads fast and displays the properties properly. As a strategy, we used a document that included short 1 week tasks like sprints, to increase our working speed.

real estate online portal

The client wants the portal to display the average values of properties within a given timeframe in the form of graphs.

This enables end-users to make predictions about property value. It also offers access to the pricing history. The feature also has filters by city, buy/rent values and type of property.

The login process is a very easy one. The phone number is by default the main identifier. The system sends confirmations and notifications via messages. This feature comes from the client’s strong belief that phone messages have a higher opening rate than emails. We implemented as well the possibility to log in via email and with a user name and password.

Different filters can be applied to the search query, with classic pagination or infinite scroll, all with a view type that can be list, grid, or map. The map also displays points of interest and you can define your interest area by drawing a shape on the screen. Of course, you can save the search, which you can use later with a single click.

You have access as well to advertising packages that can help you meet your objectives in terms of promotion. You can connect the Analytics also, to better understand your consumer’s behavior and make informed decisions.

real estate online portal
real estate online portal

Technologies that we use

Our solution is built in PHP using Laravel and Lumen. The architecture is built around our custom made Laravel Library where we have our main Business Logic that connects all the services and modules we need for each project. The library is built so it can be connected to both Laravel for the web app and Lumen API for the mobile app.

The frontend uses Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, and Ajax. The portal also uses Google Maps API to represent accurately the locations on the map. Flexmls was used as part of our solution to make the portal more user-friendly and mobile-ready.


The team had a project manager, an end-to-end developer, and a UI designer.

The QA part was performed by them in-house. We recommended a project manager who would help to plan the project’s steps, a developer who would talk to the client directly and also through the project manager.

The project management was scrum with sprints and the time to deliver the solutions was approximately 3 months.We worked with the client on previous projects, with different technologies, like Microsoft.NET.


Project Manager


End-to-end developer


UI Designer


Some benefits of using scrum for development include:

  • Faster results
  • Increased productivity for the team
  • Better client satisfaction
  • The product gets to the market faster

The client’s benefits from working with us

  • Fast turn around for changes
  • Project well cared for by PM
  • An experienced team
  • Faster times for decision
  • Fast implementation