Custom CRM software development

Covering your specific business needs through complete custom CRM software development solutions built with both your company’s requirements and digital transformation market trends in mind.

Why do you need custom CRM development to accelerate digital transformation for your business?

Digital transformation empowers your business to become proactive, helps managers make informed decisions, and provides employees with the right tools and the proper environment to perform. As a key part of the digital transformation process, relying on custom CRM software development you can eliminate the bottlenecks from internal and external processes and place sales, marketing, and customer management on a unitary and coherent workflow.

Custom CRM development | How can it help your business?

Working with disparate data sources and multiple external tools can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Start working with a CRM software development company for streamlining your processes, promote your offers, gain customers’ trust and increase your sales!

Need to develop a custom and intuitive CRM solution for your business?

Working with disparate data sources and multiple external tools can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Start developing a custom CRM solution for streamlining your processes, promote your offers, gain customers’ trust and increase your sales!

Custom CRM software development: one solution - multi-level benefits

Sales trackings

Marketing trackings

Customer management

Sales trackings

Using a performant and tailored-made CRM platform, you’ll be able to automate, streamline, and synchronize the core sales activities and get access to powerful insights.

  • SQL (sales qualified leads) tracking;
  • customer management;
  • invoice management integrated system;
  • automated sales workflows (offer generations, follow-ups etc.);
  • simplified internal processes and collaboration;
  • custom features.

Marketing trackings

Using a custom CRM solution, you will be able to track leads, communicate with prospects, and promote your company’s offers easily. And everything can be done by users - employees - from a common platform.

  • MQL (marketing qualified leads) tracking;
  • email marketing automation;
  • automated marketing workflows (e.g., follow-up emails);
  • SMS marketing;
  • simplified internal processes and collaboration;
  • custom features.

Customer management

Clients expect custom interactions and personalized offers. Your company needs streamlined processes, intuitive data (charts, data synchronizations, etc.), and custom tools to solve company-specific challenges. A custom CRM software development solution has the capability to offer you all of these.

  • bottleneck-free internal processes;
  • personalized communication with customers (through dedicated features);
  • informed business decision - based on data from Analytics;
  • company-specific challenges solved by using custom tools.

Types of features that can be integrated into CRM

Sales automation

Custom features for streamlining the sales workflows and efficiently managing several sales items (products, pricing, etc.).

CRM integration

CRM integration with internal (e.g., internal websites, portals) or/and external apps (ERP, CMS, email, etc.)

Marketing automation

Custom features for covering main activities: from email automation to promotions (e.g., SMS) and social posting.

Customer service automation

Smart customer management for customizing the communication, filtering clients by several criteria, and tracking their behavior.

Collaborative features

Dedicated features for streamlining the internal communication, workflows, and processes.


Custom reports and dynamic data (e.g., charts) regarding sales efficiency, customers’ behavior, and marketing activities’ impact.

Company-specific features

Developing features for solving specific challenges/covering specific needs in your company.

How can we help (CRM software development)?

As a dedicated software development teams provider, we work with clients in various stages of their companies’ evolution. Some are building custom CRM software for the first time, while others are interested in extending their existing ones or refreshing their functionalities.

Our focus is to deliver complete and flexible solutions (inclusing mobile app development) by providing you with the services that fit your needs: from IT business consultancy to CRM software development, data migration, CRM integration, business analysis, QA, support & maintenance.

CRM Software Development

Technologies we use for CRM software development 

ASP.NET Web API, Nancy FX, MSSQL, Elasticsearch, Memory cache, Redis, RabbitMQ, SignalR, PRTG, Octopus, Quartz.NET, MySQL, ReactJS, Docker, Google Maps API, RxJava, Retrofit, Firebase, Dagger2, Glide, PHP, Laravel, Lumen, MySQL, Vue.JS


Very good experience with Roweb. They are very responsive and flexible in the development of the applications. We work with them on several projects and all of them went fine.

CRM Software Development

PETIT Fabrice

Team Leader

Roweb proved to be a great partner to work with, providing us with a highly responsive team. During our collaboration, I found it very easy to communicate with them and they were... read more

CRM Software Development

Jean Waucquez

Owner, WHISE nv

What we liked best about working with them is the fact that they delivered a tight-knit team that’s used to working together efficiently, instead of individual developers... read more

CRM Software Development

Ossian Vogel

Co-founder, CEO

Together with Roweb we’ve built TourPaq up, from a booking system for small tour operators, into one of the leading solutions on the market, addressing the needs of large tourism businesses. read more

CRM Software Development

Bjarke Hansen

CEO, Owner TourPaq Aps

There is no better partner than Roweb. Their large arsenal of competencies exceeded our requirements. The implementation team is confident, consistent and... read more

CRM Software Development

Paul Horner

Director at DigiConsul GmbH

nGAGE (formerly trading as Human Capital Investment Group) have worked with Roweb for more than eighteen months and during that time have been very impressed read more

CRM Software Development

Tim Styles

Chief Information Officer at nGAGE

I took over the projects with Roweb in 2019, when they were already underway. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the guys are working... read more

CRM Software Development

Sorin-Stefan Ungureanu

General Manager at Seatbelt Consulting

CRM Software Development Company

Dedicated development teams for your CRM project

Our dedicated teams (involved in CRM development projects) have extensive experience in developing specific solutions.

Areas of expertise: Retail, HORECA, Real Estate, Fashion, Automotive, Tourism, Home&Deco, etc.

Mobile Developments: iOS, Android

CRM software development process

CRM Software Development Company

Industries we worked for

Real Estate | FinTech | E-commerce | Recruiting & HR | Tourism & Hospitality | Insurance | Retail | Transport

Whise CRM Software Development by Roweb

WHISE CRM (Real Estate)

Our client needed to replace a desktop solution for real estate companies with a web-based and mobile-first solution while migrating all of the data.

TECHNOLOGY: ASP.NET Web API, Nancy FX, MSSQL, Elasticsearch, Memory cache, Redis, RabbitMQ, SignalR, PRTG, Octopus, Quartz.NET

Custom CRM Development for nGage company

CRM for an HR company (nGAGE)

HR processes made-easy through extended features and optimizations added on an existing solution: outsourcing processes, communication & invoicing across three levels, involving multiple contractors, clients, and cost centers.

TECHNOLOGY: ASP.NET, SQL Server, SQL Reporting, jQuery, Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, WebAPI, ElasticSearch, Knockout, RabbitMq, HTML5, CSS3

Custom CRM Development Services for a Danish Company

Solution developed for a tour operator (Tourpaq ApS)

Tourpaq ApS - travel agencies and tourism services providers, include data structure and SEO tools, finance management and payment monitoring tools, ticketing and credit management, automatic price Optimization tools and, CRM and marketing solutions.


Custom CRM web App for a labor protection company

CRM Web app for a labor protection company (Seatbelt)

We developed a new comprehensive CRM Web application that included all of the modules that the client required to run their business. The CRM worked on mobile for field consultants and on desktops for office workers.

TECHNOLOGY: PHP, MySQL, Redis, Lumen, ReactJS, Docker, Google Maps API, RxJava, Retrofit, Firebase, Dagger2, Glide