Seatbelt Web & Mobile Application

We developed a CRM Web app and a mobile app as well that helped our client surpass old problems and helped them grow their business.


PHP, MySQL, Redis, Lumen, ReactJS, Docker, Google Maps API,
RxJava, Retrofit, Firebase, Dagger2, Glide


Our client has a labor protection company from Romania that offers consultancy and periodical or on-demand safety inspections.

The client operated from multiple locations in Romania and faced some problems when it came to managing client information.

To manage client information, employees used tools such as Excel. Working with an outdated tool made communication between offices very difficult.

To fix this, the client worked with other companies and developed a suite of apps that in the end didn’t meet their demands.


The challenges they faced were:

  • They needed an application that would facilitate communication between HQ and field consultants through a single app.
  • Because of their previous unsuccessful experience they needed a trustworthy company that had experience in developing apps of this magnitude and complexity.
  • They needed a way to manage information both on the field and at the office.
  • Due to ever-changing work conditions, they needed an app that would allow future criteria additions.

We developed a new comprehensive CRM Web application that included all of the modules that the client required to run their business. The CRM worked on mobile for field consultants, and on desktops for office workers.

Apart from the Web application, we developed a Mobile Application that would serve the field consultants. After checking in at a location, this app would allow the field consultants to make an audit, check the status of an office, signal a problem and check RSVTI equipment such as lifts, cranes, forklifts and more. They would also receive push notifications to let them know when equipment is near to expiration or even expired, receive new tasks from their manager or even set reminders for future visits.

Platform modules:

  • RSVTI module – That would enable the client to see work and equipment authorizations.
  • Client mapping – Detailed information about all clients and work points on a map.
  • Task Management module – All employees and clients can create and manage tasks from within the platform.
  • Accountancy module – Allows access to all activities performed by either the users or consultants.
  • Accidents Module – Records all accidents that took place at work.
  • Reports Module – Offers reports graphs, lists, excel export on all activities.
  • Admin Module - Manages Users, Roles, Activities, Platform Templates.

Roles we cover:

Project Manager



Team Leader

Project Architecture

For this application we used an API based architecture:

  • Backend: Lumen Microframework for the API
  • Database: Eloquent ORM for efficient communication with MySQL
  • Frontend: SPA based architecture using ReactJS

For this mobile application we used:

  • Backend: Dagger2, RxJava2, Retrofit, OkHttp, Glide, Firebase Messaging, WorkManager
  • Frontend: Material Design

Client's Benefits

After our collaboration the client was able to:

  • Remove an outdated system
  • Correctly manage his projects from all over the country
  • Centralize information from all of the offices
  • Improve communication between offices
Solutie CRM


Solutie CRM
Solutie CRM
Solutie CRM
Solutie CRM
Solutie CRM

What helped us to accelerate the digital transformation process and to obtain a solution that correctly reflects the internal and external needs of the company was the fact that we worked with a very flexible development team capable of understanding the business. In addition, the Roweb team quickly adapted to our requirements and offered technical solutions for the new needs.


Bogdan Neagu

Owner Seatbelt Consulting

I took over the projects with Roweb in 2019, when they were already underway. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the guys are working on the project with enthusiasm and it was very easy for them to introduce me to the project as a partner, to show me everything they have done and are going to do, to explain to me what they need from me to complete the work.

Throughout the collaboration, they were very flexible, considering the fact that Seatbelt's needs are constantly changing and many times we had to put some projects on hold in order to realize others. They understood very well the Seatbelt way of doing things and have adapted so that they are permanently open to course changes.

Considering the fact that I am a demanding, demanding customer, I could say, they did a great job and were always with us, even with new ideas for creating platforms that met Seatbelt's needs.

I am glad to have them as partners and I am convinced that things will go just as well in the future.I was impressed by their involvement in the project and the way they looked for solutions for our requests which, sometimes, are not the simplest.


Sorin-Stefan Ungureanu

General Manager at Seatbelt Consulting