Modern business lives in the cloud

Unlimited scalability
Better performance
Cut costs, save money

Design new applications or upgrade the existing ones to use the whole power of the cloud

Do you need a new .NET, JAVA or PHP application designed and ready for the cloud from day one? We have experience in planning, developing, deploying, testing and migrating applications into the cloud.

We build business, web & mobile applications using cloud services like Amazon AWS, Windows Azure and Rackspace.

  • Creating application architecture to take advantages of the cloud's APIs
  • Developing the application in .NET, JAVA or PHP
  • Setting up cloud infrastructure and deploying the application
  • Monitoring and tuning the infrastructure and the application in order to have maximum power and speed at the lower costs


Are you hosting your application on a dedicated Windows Server or Linux machine? We can help you to save money and win time by avoiding buying and managing new dedicated servers by moving your infrastructure in one of the best clouds from the market.



analyze your current infrastructure and help you to create the best cloud setup that meets your needs

deploy and optimize your database to gain maximum performance at minimum costs

migrate you application from the current server to the cloud infrastructure

save money and be flexible by monitoring your application and scale up the infrastructure on peek time to have better performance and scale down in periods with low activity in order to reduce costs.

What are the clouds
and technology that we use?


Amazon Web Services

AWS or Amazon Web Services stands as a collection of remote computing services or a cloud computing platform which helps organizations move faster, decrease IT costs and scale applications. The service can provide many servers in an affordable manner and power a large variety of workloads including: mobile and web apps, data processing and warehousing, archive, storage etc


Microsoft Azure

With Microsoft Azure we can build, deploy and manage apps and services through a thick network of Microsoft-managed data-centers. We integrate your public cloud app with existing IT environments. Azure allows the use of any language, framework, tool for building applications and offers unlimited servers, unlimited storage, powerful capabilities and solutions.



Rackspace Cloud offerings contain web apps hosting or platform as a service, cloud storage, virtual private server, databases backup and monitoring which are billed on a utility computing basis. The company's Fanatical Support aids customers deploy, architect and run their most demanding apps.