Caring & Sustainability

Investing in today's education is how we build the future of tomorrow.

We care | We listen | We help 

Roweb’s approach

Supporting education and the community is a priority for us. Many of our employees are graduates of high schools and technical faculties, which has helped us understand the significance of the educational environment in shaping a career. 

We believe that today's pupils and students are the future employees who will have a great impact on our software development processes. 

Therefore, we take every opportunity to provide assistance and resources for education and technology equipment.

Our concern

We care | we listen | we help

The Roweb story began during computer classes

The story of Roweb started in computer classes, where the teacher (now the company's CEO, Viorel Costea) inspired his students with a passion for programming. 

Later, 3 of them (Gabriel Rosu, Razvan Veliscu, and Mirel Ionescu) became his partners in a business that was shaping up in a context where digital transformation was just a little more than a rumor.

“As a teacher, I’ve met students with great potential. It’s one of the privileges of teaching: to see not only what a student is, but also what he/she can become someday. Their enthusiasm and capabilities were definitely an inspiration for me. On the other hand, I’ve noticed a real potential for creating an IT company on the market. So, putting these two together, I’ve realized soon that it would be a real lost opportunity not to involve some of my (former) students in a bold project.”

Everything we do is… For The Love of Programming

We gathered all the community and education support initiatives under the concept - For The Love of Programming. 

Thus, we believe that the passion for tech and coding drives all digital transformation activities we support and promote. This section also focuses on the support we provide to our team.

The foundation of the Roweb team consists of dedicated individuals who have built their careers in software development by working on important projects in our international portfolio. We proudly recognize and showcase their valuable contributions by bringing them to the spotlight.