#SupportingPerformance | Involvement of Roweb in the community by supporting local values ​​and educational projects

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“Supporting excellence” was the motto that accompanied most of the actions with impact in the local community that our company carried out in 2023. From supporting educational projects in various schools and high schools in Arges (“Matei Basarab” School, “Zinca Golescu” National College, “Alexandru Odobescu” National College and “Ion C. Bratianu” National College”), to sponsorship of robotics teams, investments in computer labs (in high schools and at the University of Pitesti), events of careers dedicated to students from Arges, etc., we tried to be constantly present, also in 2023, on all levels of increasing performance and supporting local values.

“In 2023, we continued the actions to support local values. Although our company’s development is based on people who proved excellence in IT, we have not limited ourselves to our field of activity. We supported both robotics teams and young people passionate about programming, as well as performers from different fields – for example, Eriko Nitu, the student from Bratianu who won the title of world champion in Ashihara Karate, in the 70 kg category.”

Viorel COSTEA | Co-founder & CEO Roweb


With offices in 3 cities (Bucharest, Pitesti, Craiova) and various specialists who work remotely (Constanta, Oradea, Iasi, etc.), Roweb has maintained its focus on local development from the point of view of human resources. The objectives were to provide support for pre-university and university education, access to career events and programs, job creation and to attract young IT enthusiasts to a successful career, without having to leave their hometown.

“The prerequisites for a career in IT are shaed from the first years of high school – an additional reason to choose to sponsor the Freshmen’s Ball in Bratianu and to help young people find out that the local market offers them real opportunities for development . Most of our employees are graduates of prestigious high schools in Arges and, obviously, later of UPIT. They are valuable people with whom we managed to develop successful solutions for clients from all over the world. Through local performance, we put the Roweb brand on the global IT map and capitalized on the potential of young people who no longer had to go to other cities or countries to build a successful career.”

Mirel IONESCU | Managing Partner Roweb
community impact Roweb in 2023


Examples of investments made by Roweb in 2023 to support education in Arges County:

  • modernization of computer labs at the colleges “I.C. Bratianu” and “A. Odobescu”;
  • modernization of an IT laboratory at the University of Pitesti;
  • robotics team sponsorships (TehnoZ – the robotics team of the National College “Zinca Golescu” and BROBOTI of the National College “Ion C. Bratianu”);
  • sponsorship for publishing computer science collections;
  • sponsoring educational programs (for example, for the “Matei Basarab” School in Pitesti).
community impact Roweb in 2023

With 5 Olympians in the international team and 63 important awards at the national Olympics, Arges County has constantly demonstrated that its human resources are truly valuable. To help students with potential to grow and excel, in 2023 Roweb invested in optimizing their educational environment, providing technical equipment and offering financial support.

Under the umbrella of the “Supporting excellence” campaign, Roweb has modernized the laboratories at the colleges “I.C. Bratianu” and “A. Odobescu” from Pitesti and a computer laboratory from the University of Pitesti. In addition, it offered sponsorships for robotics teams and various educational programs from schools such as “Matei Basarab” (from Pitesti).

“Increasing the value of the students we educate has always required resources + support from the community. Roweb has offered us, each time, these things through direct involvement (Open Doors events, presentations, computing technique for the computer lab, etc.) or through financial support for our initiatives and projects. Thus, through its involvement, Roweb remains an essential partner in increasing performance in our projects.”

Prof. Marin Cristea
Prof. Marin Cristea | Curriculum manager for the IT discipline (“I.C. Bratianu” College)


  • Career programs:
  • – Internship program Craiova
  • – Internship program Pitesti

“We are with the ambitious and motivated students/graduates in choosing and developing their career through: internships, summer schools, sponsorships for various national and international competitions.”

Lorena IORDACHE | HR Manager Roweb
community impact Roweb in 2023
  • Career Events:
  • – Open Doors events at the Roweb headquarters (Pitesti)
  • – participation in career fairs (Pitesti and Craiova)
  • – presentations at the University of Pitesti
  • – presentations at career events organized by high schools and universities (eg Tech Day)

“We choose every time to be present and support events and educational programs where students passionate about programming want to learn more about what a career in IT means. And Tech Day was, of course, no exception to the rule.

We were happy to learn that the subject of this edition is STEAM – an approach in which we believe more and more. Hundreds of CVs pass through the filter of the Roweb teams, but only those that demonstrate, right from the start, the desire to learn + interactions with other fields + flexibility and creativity attract our attention. And that’s because developing solutions for businesses all over the world means much more than lines of code, releases and deadlines.

It means to be constantly guided by the same principle: Decode opportunities. Make the future happen. Make a difference!

This was also the message I sent to the young people passionate about programming at Tech Day. And their responsiveness was up to our expectations “

Ilinca COVREAG | Marketing Manager Roweb


“Being part of the community means understanding its needs on different levels.” This was the premise that was the basis of the sponsorships offered by Roweb for performers in other fields (karate, sports dance, etc.) and the financial support given to people with serious health problems.



  • Some of the actions in which we were involved:
  • – sponsoring World Of Dance Romania;
  • – Eriko Nitu sponsorship for the participation in the Ashihara Karate World Championship (Japan).

Sponsorship for World Of Dance Romania World of Dance, founded by Matthew Everitt, David Gonzalez, Myron Marten, Michael McGinn, and Herman Flores in 2008, is the largest dance entertainment brand globally, promoting international artists and brands through events, entertainment, and digital engagement. The brand covers more platforms than any other dance content provider or dance show, including World of Dance competitions in over 30 countries and the NBC World of Dance television show (executive produced by Jennifer Lopez).

Currently, the licensing for this international competition in Romania was awarded in 2023 to Ionut Dumitru (known in the artistic and dance world in our country under the name PITICU – a member of the Simplu Group).

The realization of the competition was made possible with the support of Roweb, our company sponsoring this event.

“The participation of the 11 countries in the competition received positive acclaim, including from the organizers in the USA. The publication of an article about the event in Bucharest on their official World Of Dance website is a confirmation of our success, making us the only privileged organizers to appear on this global platform.” Ionut Dumitru (Piticu – Simplu Group)

community impact Roweb in 2023

Sponsorship for Eriko Nitu for participating at World Championship of Ashihara Karate (Japan) Eriko Nitu is a student of the National College “I.C. Bratianu” from Pitesti and, in 2023, he became world champion in Ashihara Karate in the 70 kg category.

We believed in his potential and wanted to be part of his success story. Thus, Eriko’s participation in the World Championship in Japan was also possible with the help of Roweb.

He recently visited us at the Roweb headquarters where our colleague, Lorena Iordache (HR Manager), invited him to tell us more about what the life of a champion means and what the path of a performer looks like, from goal to success.

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