Who we are

We're a software services company with a solid background in implementing complex projects for global clients. Our dedicated teams of experienced software professionals have successfully implemented over 1000 projects. We develop web, desktop and mobile applications, beautiful and scalable websites that focus on the user-experience, custom online portals and Magento e-Commerce solutions. 

We've worked with companies from USA, UK, Belgium, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Canada and Romania and we understand the needs of and provide solutions for companies of all sizes ranging from start-ups to large enterprises. We believe in long-term partnerships with our clients and we take great pride in our ability to keep our clients happy year after year.

What we do 


We provide our clients with scalable, thoroughly tested and highly customizable websites, built on a search engine optimized architecture. We use a wide range of technologies, from ASP.NET to PHP to open source frameworks like Magento, Wordpress, Drupal.


We have over 12 years' experience in developing advanced systems with complex business logic, dealing with large amounts of data and transactions (CRM, Booking travel systems, Intranet custom applications).


Our software development team can create useful desktop standalone software or client/server complex applications. We use MS .NET Framework with Windows Forms and WPF technology in order to build rich apps that enable our clients to gain higher revenues.


Our experts can build iOS, Android, Windows Phone or cross-platform mobile apps that solve your problems and turn your innovative ideas into lucrative business. We can integrate mobile apps with web services and other online resources. Our experience covers E-commerce, Online Games and Gambling, Media Content Distribution, Financial Services, Social Media and Mobile CMS.


Our approach to User Experience and User Interface Design is based on your business objectives and centred on the end-user. Our usability teams include business analysts, information architects and visual designers, to get a 360-degree view of your project and apply the right solutions to ensure a clear layout, intuitive usage, transparent navigation, and high interactivity, for websites, desktop or mobile apps. Our graphic designers can also offer you a full visual identity pack.

We manage end-to-end product development projects, from business analysis, consultancy and architecture, to post-implementation testing and maintenance. Find out more about our complete range of services.


How we do it

Working with us


We firmly believe that software development should be a no-surprises process. We use best practices and a methodology which actively engages our team and yours to ensure a smooth, streamlined development processes with the highest possible degree of success.

Agile project management has led to great results for our clients and we can customize it to so it best fits your needs.


We believe that strong bi-directional communication is crucial to the success of software development efforts. We encourage open, on-going dialogue between your team and ours, via phone, email and instant messaging as much as possible to keep team members on both sides engaged and informed.


Our software team becomes an extension of your own IT team - dedicated to meeting your software development needs today by growing with you as your needs evolve.

Data security:

We initiate an NDA singing with each client before the exchange of business sensitive information, to provide the maximal level of information security and confidentiality. Each employee is required to sign a Proprietary Information Agreement as well as an individual NDA at the moment he or she joins the company. Our employees agree not to participate in any other competing business during their employment and not to use any of their knowledge in a way that may lead to unfair competition upon termination of their employment.

Warranty & maintenance

We provide a free warranty period for every product we develop, after which we can provide maintenance and support at your request.

Engagement Models

Fixed Price:

We use this model for small projects, where clear specifications are set from the earliest project stages.

Time & Material:

A clearly defined project scope is essential to this type of project, as well as strong project management and methodologies to monitor and track the progress in terms of schedule adherence, scope, cost, quality and productivity. The main advantages of using this model are:

  • skilled resources are locked for the entire project duration
  • flexibility of increasing/ decreasing head count over time to adjust to changing project demands
  • management by metrics (MBM) or management by objectives (MBO) provide better insights into the cost structures and returns

Milestone Billing:

This option can be applied to large long-lasting projects with measurable phases. Payment schedules are defined on time (e.g. monthly) or milestone basis. This model reinforces progress monitoring and reduces large projects risks.

Dedicated Development Team:

In this case we will provide you with a dedicated full-time project team on a long-term basis, with the required team members, project managers, equipment and infrastructure, to help you achieve a higher effectiveness in terms of time and costs.


Why choose Roweb?

We're a tight-knit team, 90% of us started working at Roweb during University studies and have stayed for over 11 years. What this means for you is the certainty that the team you start your project with will remain the same during the entire project's lifecycle.

We're highly flexible, in terms of engagement models, technical solutions and delivery schedule, to make sure we meet your every need.

We offer the best quality / cost ratio - thanks to the fact that we own our office buildings and we have lower operational costs, we achieve higher productivity through reallocation and we attract talented colleagues without needing to spend on recruitment services.

Our dedication to applying best practices, our confidentiality, honesty and transparency have led to successful long-standing relationships with our clients, of 11+ years.

Our expert teams offer a wide array of technical competences and many of us specialize in multiple technologies. We're ‘just the right size': ‘small' enough to give your project our complete attention, and ‘large' enough to handle any complex or large-scale request.

Check out our portfolio or contact us to find out more about our solution that will help your company grow.