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Full Stack .NET Developer

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Full stack Senior PHP Developer



“I am happy to bring my +15 years of HR experience to a company such as Roweb, with an excellent organizational culture where people are respected and have a good work-life balance. Another great advantage is that you are encouraged to bring your added value and feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback.
Since 2019 I have been enjoying this dynamic environment of the tech industry, which challenges me, especially in finding new colleagues.
We search for developers who are driven, resilient and eager to leave their mark on the projects and teams they will be part of.”

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Lorena Iordache

HR Manager


Review applications


Interview with HR


Tech interview



Benefits for employees

Competitive salary

Talent is an asset and we care for your wellbeing!

Happy workplace

You will experience a pleasant working environment in which your ideas are appreciated.

Trainings and certifications

We support your professional growth. We can help you with paid courses, training and exams.

Digital library & English classes

You have access to paid subscriptions for various digital learning platforms like Pluralsight, Udemy etc.

Travel opportunities

Experience new cultures while you participate at trade shows, meet-ups, and industry-related conferences. 

Maximum flexibility

You are in control of your working program and day-to-day planning.

Food tickets

We’re taking care of the lunch tickets - Enjoy your delicious meals!

Healthcare packages

Medical subscription at one of the top health care networks for a great quality of life.

Team buildings & parties

We easily find reasons to enjoy good times. Drinks and fun are on us!

Freelancing opportunities

You have your own PFA or SRL, and you are interested in collaboration? We are open!

Laptop & Dual monitors

For full mobility when you work remotely & better, enhanced working experience when you are on-site.

Coffee corner

Coffee is said to have been discovered by a goat herder, but you can find an espresso machine in every office.

Our team is our voice

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"I started my career at Roweb in 2004, as a developer and gradually took greater responsibilities, first as a team leader, then as a project manager, and currently leading multiple projects and teams.The thing I value most at Roweb is the people I work with and their problem-solving attitude. The diversity of projects and working with new technologies is also a valuable plus."

Stefan - Head of Ecommerce (17 years in the company)

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"I have had the pleasure of working at Roweb since there were just 6 people in the company..16 years ago. I love that as the company grew, people grew too using in-house knowledge, training, conferences, and many other opportunities. The environment is friendly and supportive, and I always liked the openness of the people in charge."

Sorin - Project Manager (17 years in the company)

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"I was passionate about computer science since high school and joining Roweb gave me the chance to become part of a professional, young and dynamic team. It is a place where teamwork and skills are encouraged and highly valued and this gets reflected in the projects that we deliver."

Gabriel - Senior Tech Lead (15 years in the company)

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"I’m delighted that we had the chance to grow together. The great variety of projects, from a diverse range of domains, helped me build an extensive experience. Besides that, the most valuable insight is the team: an exceptional group of people, where you can socialize with pleasure, and you always receive help when needed."

Marius - Senior Web Developer (15 years in the company)

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"I have been in the team for almost 7 years. I think that what attracted me then was the fact that the projects were made on a relatively new technology, in development. It was something different from what most programmers did in 2015. The atmosphere in the team and in the company, a friendly environment where the people are open to new things and where you are helped to grow from both professionally and personally perspective."

Gabriel IOS Developer (7 years in the company)

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The stories from our blog.

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Life @ Roweb

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Team building events

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Fun competitions

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Industry events

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Special days

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Career events


Annually we organize training programs for students: practice stages and internships. The best of the applicants have the opportunity to join Roweb’s team and work on challenging and engaging projects.

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Alina - Junior Dev .NET / React.JS

"In Roweb, you are encouraged to express your opinions and develop your creativity while learning new things. I had the opportunity to meet people who share my passion for programming, and I learned several new tech languages."

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Andrei - Junior Dev .NET

"I liked that I had the freedom to improve the tasks, and the implementation was up to me. When I knew the task was ready, I showed it to my mentor, who always gave me constructive feedback."

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Alex - Junior Dev .NET

"An essential benefit is that I learned new technologies (Vue Js. and Bootstrap) and that now I work in a project team. It is an important step in my experience as a programmer."

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Alin - Junior Dev PHP / React.JS

"Considering the options I had to carry out the practice for the second studying year at the Faculty of Automation, Roweb proved to be the best option for me."

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Teodor - Intern PHP

"Both the practical module and the internship represented opportunities to integrate me into the applicable field of IT development."

Career workshops & events

Career events organized by us:

  • Job Shadow Day;
  • Open Doors;
  • Career opportunities presentation in Universities;
  • Project sponsorships.

Examples of career events we attended over the years:

  • Job Fairs;
  • “Career Days: Access to Higher Education!” (extended project with weekly sessions in high schools in Arges);
  • CAREER HUB FSED: Economist Student Day;
  • “Access to the labor market in conditions of non-discrimination and equal opportunities: qualifications and competencies!” where the panel “My career, where to?” presented by our colleague Lorena Iordache received the most appreciations from the participants;
  • HR Meeting Europe.
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Partnerships with tech Universities

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Faculty of Electronics, Communications and Computers from Pitesti

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Faculty of Sciences, Department of Informatics from Craiova

jobs at Roweb

Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics from Craiova

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Faculty of Sciences, Physical education and Computing from Pitesti

It's more than working in a company.
It's about being part of a reliable team.

Because we are...

…a human-centred company, focused on building as custom as scalable software solutions for worldwide businesses. Clients value us the most for being…

You are a good fit for us…

…if you are eager to learn constantly, have passion for programming and you are ready to take over specific tasks into complex and challenging projects. In other words, you are…

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Team player

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We started with a small team and a bold dream
To make a difference in the market through reliable and bespoke software development services.

The initial start of the company was in 2000. The top management from then was different. But the management has crystallized, and shortly we’ve built a stable team. So, in this context, my former students became my business partners (Razvan Veliscu, Gabriel Rosu, and Mirel Ionescu).
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Viorel Costea

Co-founder & CEO

Even if the senior developers are the ones we look at when it comes to recruitment processes, we continue the tradition of organizing events dedicated to students/graduates who are just now starting a career.
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Mirel Ionescu

Managing Partner

In over 20 years since I have been in the company, I have had clients from many industries (real estate, human resources, tourism etc) I also manage the Angular team (NET + Angular.) and the expertise of this team crystallized over time, especially around projects in the finance area.
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Razvan Veliscu

Managing Partner

Those who want a job in programming, in general, and in Roweb, in particular, must know that the chances of employment depend only on the attitude, training and ability to learn the technologies we work with - modern technologies, used in industry.
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Gabriel Rosu

Managing Partner

Apart from management, things have changed a lot over the years. We have grown. If I had to mention, however, something that has remained exactly the same as in the beginning, in 2001, is the family atmosphere.
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Florian Stanila

Managing Partner

in business

offices 3
cities (Pitesti, Bucharest, Craiova)

experts in
our team

clients in
30 countries

developers with 10+
years experience

our longest ongoing
project started in

Our offices

HQ Pitesti

Fratii Golesti No 132,
Pitesti, Arges 110174,



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Bucharest Office

Hatmanul Arbore No 12,
Bucharest, District 1 011602,



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Craiova Office

Oltet No. 18,
Craiova, Dolj 200395,

44° 19' 02.7"N

23° 47' 55.4"E

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Technologies used by our teams for developing projects

Microsoft (.NET Core, MVC, Web Api, Web Forms) | PHP (Laravel, Lumen, Symfony) Javascript (Node.js, React, Angular, Vue.js, Knockout.js) | Ecommerce (Magento, Woocommerce) | Infrastructure (Docker, Kubernetes, Nginx) | DB (MSSQL, MySQL, Elastic Search) | Mobile (Android, iOS, Cordova, React Native, Ionic) | Cloud (Azure, AWS, Google Could)

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