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Our client is Tourpaq ApS, a Danish company that provides software solutions for tour operators. Their solutions for travel agencies and tourism services providers include data structure and SEO tools, finance management and payment monitoring tools, ticketing and credit management, automatic price Optimization tools and, CRM and marketing solutions.


Tourpaq needed an up-to-date Tour Operator Management System that would enable the users to manage everything that has to do with their activity, from a single dashboard. We implemented the following features: pricing, offers, availability, online sales, invoicing, due payments, real-time reports, data visualizations, price control automation, marketing, and integration with multiple third-party systems, such as GDS systems, insurance companies or SMS and email systems. The client also requested us to build for him Tourpaq Destination App (a modern solution for guides and tourists) and Tourpaq Guest App (an app that enables end-users to enjoy their holiday).


Tourpaq chose to work with us on this project after a series of meetings, during which the decisive factor was our ability to understand their specific problem and offer the most efficient solutions, as well as the technical proficiency of our software experts.

Their requirements came from a practical perspective and part of our tasks was to provide them with consultancy in mapping out the exact specifications for the project, based on their concrete needs, to identify the best solutions to address them and to implement these solutions.

Our flexibility and agile development methodology played from the beginning a crucial part in the success of our collaboration.


  • Project Manager
  • .NET Developers
  • Software Architect
  • UI / Web Developers
  • Database Specialist
  • UX Designer
  • QA
  • Support
  • Scrum Master

The project's main challenge was the complexity behind this type of booking system, as it needed to enable the efficient management of bookings, tickets, emails, finances, hotels, transportation, extra products, pricelists, customers and much more.

The solution is made up of several components, which enable the tour operators to manage all of their departments and fully automate processes.

For a Marketing Manager, the CMS system enables managing descriptions on all products sold, an integrated survey system ensuring an accurate feedback from customers, newsletter integration and automatic integration with portals such as Momondo, Travel Market, SkiSport or Facebook.

Top Management can perform simulations of sales and costs per departure, destination, and much more. We implemented the Dashboard for a quick overview and fast status checks for multiple goals.

Brand Managers can easily control prices, make price adjustments, or generate special offers, control sales, the view load factor for hotel beds and seats on the plane. Actionable data like detailed profit, cost and sales statistics are also available. We provide the information in a dashboard overview, and the user can also enable alerts related to these metrics.

The application leverages a Layered Architecture which provides loose coupling between layers and high reusability accomplished by using agile design principles and patterns. We developed the application using some of the latest and powerful available technologies: ASP.NET AJAX, Knockout, jQuery, Web API, WCF, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework, and Telerik Rad Controls.

Integrated third-party services:

  • TravelPort uAPI to provide reservation of commercial airlines seats
  • AutoEurope API integration enables car rentals as part of a travel package
  • Paxport, Radixx, DAT and AirBerlin services are used to automatically send passenger lists to airlines, airport and in-flight companies' staff
  • Twilio Api is used to provide SMS integration that enables customer notifications
  • Gouda API and Europeiske API integration allows tour operators to sell travel insurances
  • Google Charts and Google Visualization API are used to generate various reports
  • High quality and fast development
  • Quick responses to support requests or new requirements
  • Flexibility in planning


  • High quality and fast development
  • Quick responses to support requests or new requirements
  • Flexibility in planning

Together with Roweb we’ve built TourPaq up, from a booking system for small tour operators, into one of the leading solutions on the market, addressing the needs of large tourism businesses. We were impressed by the level of professionalism that Roweb showed throughout our collaboration. They have always managed to understand our needs and wishes and help us turn our ideas into reality. Read more The travel industry is in a constant development, which requires us to understand emerging needs for changes and puts great demands on the development team. Roweb have always managed to be up to the challenge and stay ahead with new technologies we could use. It is a pleasure to cooperate with such a professional partner, which not only delivers what´s agreed upon, but also have the future in mind, when developing new things. Roweb continues to be our partner, maintaining communication with TourPaq users, taking care of daily corrections and planning the development directly with them. Since the beginning of our collaboration we’ve entrusted Roweb with all project management responsibilities, leaving it to them to put into practice our ideas and input, which has enabled us to focus on selling the product and therefore achieve a huge competitive head start. I can truly recommend Roweb and have really enjoyed the 12 years that we have worked together.

Bjarke Hansen

Bjarke Hansen

CEO, Owner TourPaq Aps