Tourpaq Guest App

Continuing our partnership, Tourpaq, decided to build an app entirely dedicated to end-users. The app offers real-time visitor information, details, updates, linked to the booking and ideas to inspire tourists to fully enjoy their holiday.


React Native, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Push Notifications, Dibs by Nets, Redux



Tourpaq is one of Roweb’s longest-standing clients with an ongoing collaboration that has lasted for over nine years.

They provide software solutions for tour operators- travel agencies and tourism services providers.

Their solutions include data structure and SEO tools, finance management and payment monitoring tools, ticketing and credit management, automatic price optimisation tools and CRM and marketing solutions.


Based on our partnership and with clearly defined project requirements, the development process was a no-surprise one.

Guests can log in using the booking number and the password provided. Users can access available tabs in the app such as Booking, Guide, Destination and more. Booking info provides information about names and number of passengers, resort, hotel name, room types, arrival and departure airports, and timeline. Users can also check pictures, facilities and description of the hotel. The weather forecast and special features are also displayed. We developed the app for both Android and IOS using React Native. That reduced the development time to a total of 3 months instead of 6. Our other services for this client include Tour operator management system (a single management dashboard for a full range of solutions) and Tourpaq Destination App (a modern solution for guides and tourists).

Roles we cover:

Project Manager

Programming specialist

Specialist for implementing the API


Users are now able to:

  • Check local information about sights, buildings, and more;
  • Book local trips in advance or on the spot;
  • Ask a tour guide any trip related questions, in real time;
  • Enjoy the freedom to fully plan their trips independently.

  • Reduced development time;
  • One team for both IOS and Android instead of 2 teams;
  • The same functionality on both platforms;
  • Easy maintenance for both apps;
  • Communication based on trust and quick responses to support requests or new requirements;
  • Improved experience for tourists and increased extra-options purchases, which in turn increases agencies’ loyalty and attraction to TourPaq.

Together with Roweb we’ve built TourPaq up, from a booking system for small tour operators, into one of the leading solutions on the market, addressing the needs of large tourism businesses. We were impressed by the level of professionalism that Roweb showed throughout our collaboration. They have always managed to understand our needs and wishes and help us turn our ideas into reality. The travel industry is in a constant development, which requires us to understand emerging needs for changes and puts great demands on the development team. Roweb have always managed to be up to the challenge and stay ahead with new technologies we could use. It is a pleasure to cooperate with such a professional partner, which not only delivers what´s agreed upon, but also have the future in mind, when developing new things. Roweb continues to be our partner, maintaining communication with TourPaq users, taking care of daily corrections and planning the development directly with them. Since the beginning of our collaboration we’ve entrusted Roweb with all project management responsibilities, leaving it to them to put into practice our ideas and input, which has enabled us to focus on selling the product and therefore achieve a huge competitive head start. I can truly recommend Roweb and have really enjoyed the 12 years that we have worked together.


Bjarke Hansen

CEO, Owner TourPaq Aps