Your online restaurant: The complete solution for delivery, online sales & marketing

Websites for online sales

Customer database (CRM)

Mobile App

Are you interested in...

selling online and increasing the clients’ number with 0% commission?

knowing the total amount of money spent by a client and finding a way to turn him into a returning one?

keeping your restaurant still open and migrating your business online?


82% of restaurant owners intend to close their businesses

In the crisis context generated by COVID-19, the restaurants deal with significantly decreased revenues.

Migrate your restaurant online

Keep your restaurant’s door still open for customers and increase the profit by migrating your business online.

What can you get?

  • Eliminate associated costs with third-party delivery service providers.
  • Automatically receiving orders by the Mobile App, email, and by directly printing them at the printer on your kitchen. You can receive orders from various clients at the same time and take them over faster than you may do via phone.
  • An eCommerce website with an unlimited number of products, optimized for mobile and search engines - SEO on-page (Meta-tags, Keywords, Url’s, Title Tags, etc.) generating a positive impact on how your business ranks on Google.
  • A Mobile App with real-time notification for every new order and a dynamic customer database (CRM) where you can manage the sales and the communication process easier.
  • The opportunity to install the solution on as many devices as you want.

0% commission

Installment payments, according to your needs

Solution delivery
in only 3 days

(after complete debriefing your business’ needs)

Some of our clients already use this solution and enjoy the benefits by increasing their online sales.

Working with Roweb helped us transform the way that we run our business. Now we sell much more to customers that view our menu on our website and then order online.

Mihai Negru

Mansion Pub Owner

The main steps to get a Complete Solution for your own Restaurant: Sales, Marketing & Delivery

You contact us


We install the solution


We configure the payment method


You sell online


Are you interested in selling online with 0% commission?

Get in touch with us to migrate your restaurant online easily.

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Complete solution for Delivery, Sales & Marketing

An eCommerce website optimized for mobile and search engines.

  • Modern and responsive design personalized with logo and brand colors.
  • A system for coupons and discounts.
  • Installing google analytics, google search console, Facebook microdata, and generating sitemap.xml
  • Unlimited number of products and associated images and the option to edit and modify the content from the admin panel.
  • Stats and reports
  • CTA: Call mobile – for phone ordering
  • SSL certificate install and free hosting
  • Real-time notification for every new order: instant orders printing, phone, and email notifications.
  • GDPR compliance
  • Website maintenance
  • Security updates
  • SEO updates (according to Google algorithms)

Mobile App based on CRM (customer database)

The orders are received in real-time, and clients’ data and communication with them are automatically managed.

  • How much do you know about your clients?
  • Do you know how much did a client spend on your restaurant until now?
  • Do you know when was his latest order and why didn’t he return to your restaurant?
  • Do you have a client segmentation system (VIP, regular, returning, new, lost opportunities)?
  • By using our Mobile App base on a CRM approach, you’ll have access to all the benefits above (and more).

Mobile App functionalities

  • the Mobile App automatically sends real-time notifications regarding new orders directly to the restaurant’s owner and employees;
  • you will get a faster synchronization of the restaurant’s activities and an easier orders management.

The customer database (CRM) will help you centralize, analyze, and manage your clients’ data safely and easily.

  • name, phone number, email;
  • current order;
  • orders' history;
  • total orders value (from the first interaction with the restaurant’s services);
  • days counter from the latest order to the present;
  • delivery address - this can be visualized directly on Google Maps and used by the delivery agent as a GPS navigation;
  • Customer category: new, returning, loyal.

Automated identification of a customer

  • This functionality allows instant identification of an existing customer on the database by using the phone number (from which he calls).
  • When a client calls to the restaurant, his profile page is automated displayed - name, phone number, recent orders, the total value of previous orders, etc.
  • By using this functionality, you will be able to instantly identify the most relevant information on the client you are going to interact with. More than that, you can contact the clients directly from the app, or localize on Google Maps the delivery addresses.

The SMS marketing module

  • You can select clients based on specific criteria and send them text messages (SMS) with coupons and promotions to give them reasons to return on your restaurant’s offer.

Who are we?

We are a Romanian software company that operates on the market since 2004 under the Roweb brand’s umbrella. In the present, we have offices in Bucharest, Pitesti, Craiova, and Galati, where our (over) 127 skilled developers work on various projects.

we operate on software market since


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Keep your restaurant still open and sell online with 0% commission.

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The main benefits of implementing a complete solution for your restaurant: Delivery, Sales & Marketing

  • You can sell online to all your customers with 0% commission.
  • Optimized selling process through detailed insights about your clients and their preferences.
  • Automated ordering process and communication with the clients and the employees.
  • The opportunity to promote your brand on short and long term.
  • You keep your restaurant opened, even in the most challenging contexts.

Pieces of advice that can make the difference for your business:


Use self-sealing packaging - to offer the guarantee of safety for your products


Extend the delivery target zone so you can attract more customers through your restaurant's offer.


Reduce the number of locations and define some key working ones where all the activities can be done. This is an efficient way to reduce costs.


Attract customers through special promotion campaigns and discount coupons (minimum 25%). This is the kind of proven discount percent that can maximize the orders’ volume for your restaurant.


Communicate your offers through newsletters, product’s/restaurant’s stories, influencers, and sponsored promotions.


Offer delivery alternatives like fresh food/staple food (e.g., vegetable boxes). That way you can ensure a dynamic flow for raw products and provide an attractive add-on service.

Download the complete safe-sells guide for the online restaurant and discover how you can increase the profit for your business.

Download the guide

Keep your restaurant still open and sell online with 0% commission.

Online orders and deliveries represent an efficient solution to adapt to the new social and economic context.

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