• E-commerce website
  • Mobile apps
  • Real time printing app
  • CRM system
  • QR codes, NFC tags
  • Online promotion services

Our client

Mansion Pub is a restaurant - pub in Pitesti, well-known for over a decade for its great food and drinks, pleasant vibe and excellent service. They entrusted us to develop their online presence and improve their customer experience.

Our client needed to be able to sell online, in addition to restaurant sales. They wanted to reach out to more customers and be able to improve preparation and delivery times. Another objective was to enhance their customers' on-site experience and make it easier to collect and use feedback from their customers. Additionally, they needed assistance with their brand image and marketing.


To address all of these needs, we offered them

Our Complete Solution for Restaurants & Pubs


Responsive website

The website that we developed for them was optimized for mobile devices, and it enables customers to view products and detailed descriptions, similar or complementary products, book tables online and order online.

To optimize our client's business processes even further, we equipped the website with built-in SEO functionalities, integration with Google Analytics and e-commerce features


Easily manage the website's content, add products, descriptions and images, see the stats for each product and which sold best in a specific time span, analyze sales and optimize their offers to best suit customers' demands.


Quick access to menu

If they're in the restaurant, customers can simply scan a QR code or NFC tag on cards placed on every table, to easily access the menu on website.

Maintaining customers' loyalty

The website is integrated with a CRM solution for registering orders and printing them right away in the restaurant kitchen, to jump start the preparation process, resulting in quicker and better service.

The website also allows our client to export customer lists for remarketing purposes, since customers provide their name and contact details for reservations and delivery orders and agree to allow the restaurant to store and use the information to keep them updated on special offers.

Getting feedback from customers

In addition to the information gained from analyzing customers' behavior on the website, web enabled our client to gain even more insight into customers' experience and how to improve satisfaction levels: NFC tags and QR codes are used to direct customers to an online survey, making it easier for them to give feedback about their experience.


To help Mansion Pub reach out to more customers and engage their existing ones more regularly, we complemented our solution with online marketing services, promoting the restaurant through blog articles and advertorials, Facebook, Google, SEO and profiles on listing websites. A marketing specialist handles their online promotion and is always available for any question.


  • increased online sales: Mansion Pub is now selling over 300% more through online and phone orders, thanks to the website
  • improved brand communication and increased customer awareness
  • shorter delivery times and better customer service, as well as better insight into customer satisfaction, thanks to powerful analytics tools and customer satisfaction surveys
  • a complex system that includes all of the solution components that they needed, as well as advice and support available at any time

"Working with Roweb helped us transform the way that we run our business. In addition to orders made by customers that visit our restaurant, now we sell much more to customers that view our menu on our website and then order either online, or by phone. It's now easier for them to make a reservation and we're able to process more orders in a shorter time span, thanks to the integrated solution that Roweb built for us."


Mihai Negru

Mansion Pub Owner