SmartCity App: a multi-platform digital system for managing incidents and communication in your city

  • 0% paperwork for the municipality staff
  • reduced time and costs for solving problems
  • fast implementation
  • highly intuitive apps (for both citizen and municipality’s staff)
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Incidents Map

Notification system

Complaints management

Shared content

Real-time feedback

Intuitive content architecture

Feature-rich and intuitive app, adaptable to any city!

Increasing transparency between the city and its residents and improving the quality-of-life had never been easier! SmartCity App is the digital tool that helps both citizens and municipalities communicate better and solve problems in no time.


3 user-proven platforms for a complete digital experience

SmartCity integrates 3 main platforms to assess both citizens’ and municipalities’ needs.


iOS & Android app designed for citizens so they can access information on events/ announcements and place complaints directly from their phones.


Extending the municipality services through an intuitive and communication-only website - optimized for mobile and search engine algorithms (e.g., Google).


Intuitive system designed with the municipality staff in mind for real-time receiving and managing the citizens' complaints and requests.



SmartCity unlocks the challenges for your community

Reduced/eliminated bureaucracy

Online complaints management

Safe and efficient interactions

Real-time connectivity

Modern and reliable public services

Reduced/eliminated bureaucracy

  • 0% paperwork for both citizens and municipality;
  • online complaints management easy to use by both citizens and municipality’s staff;
  • no more delays, data loss, communication bottlenecks.

Bureaucracy is one of the top challenges the public administration has to overcome.

SmartCity App is a tool to make the leap from complicated processes based on paperwork to a unified system where everything is gathered in one place.

Online complaints management

  • the online Web Backoffice allows you to manage users, incidents, information, and events and share them easily;
  • citizens can add complaints directly from the Mobile App (with pictures and precise localization);
  • supply contact details for citizens for all the public departments.

Solving a complaint in an old-school manner usually takes multiple steps and involves a complicated process. The citizens have to wait a long period of time until the problem is solved - and this impacts negatively their perception of the public services.

SmartCity is the answer that both citizens and administration's staff need for their challenges.

Safe and efficient interactions

  • citizens can add complaints directly from the Mobile App (with pictures and precise localization);
  • municipality's departments are notified instantly via email every time a new complaint is added;
  • push notifications, new announcements, or alerts are available for both parties.

Keeping the distance and solving things remotely became the key-prerequisite for continuous public services in any social and economical context.

Citizens are expecting undisrupted and more flexible and safe services. And these kind of services are possible only by using a dynamic and user-oriented digital solution: Smart City App

Real-time connectivity

  • online interactions make possible solving problems faster and more efficiently;
  • real-time feedback from citizens allows the municipality to optimize efforts based on valuable insights;
  • an easier way to keep citizens informed and engaged (e.g., useful tool for promoting a public on the mobile app).

Time is everything. And timing is a must-have for every activity - including the service provided by the local administration staff. Now, maybe more than ever, citizens are expecting digital services able to provide real-time connectivity.

SmartCity App is a tech solution with a human touch that is able to bring citizens and municipality's staff on the same page at the right time.

Modern and reliable public services

  • fast and transparent communication;
  • integrated and multi-platform digital system for managing complaints and communication;
  • high-level user experience provided through intuitive and dynamic features.

The long queues for filing a complaint, the crowded halls of citizens in the city halls offices, the long deadlines for waiting for an answer - these must become part of history for any civilized city.

Digitized public services are the natural results of our evolution in a tech environment. SmartCity is your next step in providing modern and reliable services for your town, for your citizens.

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Extending the municipality services through an intuitive and communication-only website

  • responsive design customized with branding elements (colors, logos, etc.);
  • integrated CMS system for articles, news, and events management;
  • complaints displayed directly on the map;
  • complaints can be added by citizens or by municipality employees;
  • dedicated page for each department providing also contact and program details;
  • easy access to updated stats and reports;
  • installing Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook microdata, and generating sitemap.xml;
  • SSL certificate install and free hosting;
  • GDPR compliance;
  • website maintenance;
  • security updates;
  • SEO updates (according to Google algorithms);
  • the Portal can be used standalone or with Mobile Application and Backoffice online.


iOS & Android app designed for citizens

so they can access information on events/ announcements and place complaints directly from their phones.

  • real-time updates on the complaints list and their status;
  • keep citizens updated and connected to the city’s vibe;
  • more transparency in the communication and the problem-solving process;
  • reduced time and bureaucracy in the complaints management process.


Intuitive system designed with the municipality staff in mind

for receiving and managing the complaints and requests placed by the citizens.

  • when a new event (complaint) is added to the Mobile App, the system sends an automated email to the departments in charge;
  • faster synchronization of the public institutions’ activities and an easier complaints management;
  • easy edits for complaints/events/information (list / map /filtering/ add / edit / delete)
  • multiple-view options for complaints (categories, subcategories / departments);
  • intuitive management for users and internal users (list / add / edit / delete);
  • easy edits and management for cities and counties (list / add / edit);
  • complaint localization - this can be visualized directly on Google Maps, and administration employees can identify the location right away;
  • instant notifications in the Mobile App for every new event, announcement, or complaint added.

Complementary module: SmartSanitation

SmartSanitation is a modular solution enriched with features that address waste management specific needs (mobility + pay-as-you-throw system + multi-user apps + real-time data synchronization).

Features provided in the mobile app

The mobile app is implemented in a PDA Android and allows users (waste collectors) to:

  • scan the QR from the bin (the QR code representing the contract number);
  • identify the associated client account;
  • register the waste volume and type (household, recyclable or compostable);
  • generate the charge ticket (are uploaded photos with the bin before waste is taken over);
  • refuse to collect waste (specifying the reason).

Main web cloud application:

  • CRM - where are registered all customer data (individuals, legal entities or tenants' associations), defined contracts per customer, added several dependents related to the same customer, seen the operations and balance of each customer, issued invoices;
  • Operations - tracking the operations performed by the sanitation company waste lifting, waste volume and refusals. It can be, also, added to waste collection transactions or refuses' reasons manually.
  • Financial - based on the contractual conditions, the invoices can be issued automatically or manually, and the clients' balances and payments can be managed.
  • Product nomenclatures - defines the different types of waste that can be collected, u.m. and volume/mass conversion rates, dry waste, wet waste, unit prices for products, taxes and excise duties.
  • Super Admin - allows the definition of users and access rights in the application, the definition of special rules and calculation algorithms.

Custom app development or
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Does the solution also come with support information for proper use?