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Tourpaq Destination App

Tourpaq destination app is a solution for guides and tourists alike to reserve and manage different trips.


iOS, Objective C, Firebase, .NET, SQL

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Our client is Tourpaq ApS, a Danish company that provides software solutions for tour operators.

Their solutions for travel agencies and tourism services providers include data structure, SEO tools, finance management, payment monitoring tools, ticketing, credit management, automatic price Optimization tools, CRM, and marketing solutions.

Tourpaq and Roweb have an ongoing business relationship built on trust and outstanding communication for more than 9 years.


Tourpaq chose to work with us on this project after a series of meetings, during which the decisive factor was our ability to understand their specific problem and offer the most efficient solutions, as well as the technical proficiency of our software experts.

Our client required an app that enables tourist guides to sell excursions faster, handle the issues encountered by tourists and an overall way for people to buy the experience.

This app is also a great substitute for people who could only purchase excursions from the websites of agencies. Now, if someone wants to buy local trips or experiences, he gets in contact with a guide who shows him what are the available packages and makes the acquisition.

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The solution we provided included all of the client’s requirements and all was built by using a team of just 3 people.

The app we developed has a feature for service cases, which represents the reported issues from tourists. By using this app, it’s much easier and faster to manage various issues that arise because every guide has with him a tablet or a phone. They don’t need to use a PC with a very small screen, they can use just their handheld devices. By using this app their work just got easier.

The guide can also see the reserved excursions and can cancel them if the client askes him to do so. All the client needs to do is to contact the guide and he can cancel the trip right from the app. The guides can see different statistics or extract reports by using the application’s environment.

They also have a chat option, used to talk directly to the agency’s guide. If the end client has an issue, he sends a message to the agency right from his app. Our other solutions for this client include Tour operator management system (a single management dashboard for a full range of solutions) and Tourpaq Guest App (an app that enables end-users to enjoy their holiday).

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Among the user benefits from using the Tourpaq destination app is that the clients can buy very easy a preferred experience and even chat with their allocated guide if they run into trouble on their trip.

They can cancel very easy a trip if for example they get sick or don’t want to go anymore. All it is needed from their side is to use the chat function, from where they contact the agency, then their guide and ask for trip cancellation.

You can find some of the user’s benefits below:

  • A fast app built with the user’s experience in mind
  • The ability to buy the experience with just one click
  • A chat function he can use to contact the guide
  • Simple app design
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The collaboration between Roweb and Tourpaq was made possible due to our team of young experts who are always ready to listen, plan and develop according to the customer’s requirements.

Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Fast development time for the app
  • A smaller team
  • Easier and faster communication
  • A guarantee of quality because of our field experience
  • Fast changes
  • Fast answers to new requests
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The technologies used to create the app were hand-picked to be fast, stable and reliable.

Their solutions for travel agencies and tourism services providers include data structure, SEO tools, finance management, payment monitoring tools, ticketing, credit management, automatic price Optimization tools, CRM, and marketing solutions.


All in all, the client enjoyed fast development time, the benefits of using a small team and all with a small budget.

The relationship with this client is an ongoing one and we like this partnership because of the great communication along the way and the good project management.


We were impressed by the level of professionalism that Roweb showed throughout our collaboration. They have always managed to understand our needs and wishes and help us turn our ideas into reality. The travel industry is in a constant development, which requires us to understand emerging needs for changes and puts great demands on the development team. Roweb have always managed to be up to the challenge and stay ahead with new technologies we could use. It is a pleasure to cooperate with such a professional partner, which not only delivers what´s agreed upon, but also have the future in mind, when developing new things.

Paul Horner

Bjarke Hansen

CEO, Owner TourPaq Aps