We developed a flexible platform that solved the client's problems and helped them increase efficiency, automation and activity.


PHP, Laravel, Mysql, Amazon, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Sockets


Eucom is one of the largest B2B Linguistic service company from Romania with an impressive client portfolio, offering language courses, language audits, translations, and interpretations.

Before our collaboration, their activity was supported by two obsolete platforms, one for the courses and one for the audit service and various rudimentary tools like Excel for billing and invoicing.


Their main pain points were that:

  • Their existing platforms were outdated and no longer suitable for their evolving business.
  • Because of using separate platforms, their work was disparate and inefficient.
  • Their old platforms covered only 2 of their services and only partially.
  • Their existing tools did not provide the level of automation and security that they needed.
  • In the absence of an integrated and coherent instrument, certain tasks in the flow of procedures were exposed to the risk of internal mistakes or omitted.
  • All their documents were kept on google drive, they were not integrated or connected, and often the information was lost or not updated frequently enough. Access to the latest updated version were cumbersome and sometimes hindered.

To address all these issues, the client needed an integrated platform that would support their entire activity and help them organize it in a coherent, efficient and comprehensive way.


We developed a new comprehensive platform, that included all of the modules that EUCOM required to run their business efficiently and automating as much work as possible.

Platform modules:

  • Documentation Module
  • Sales Module
  • Recruitment Module
  • Internal Training Module
  • Linguistic Audit Module
  • Course Module
  • Other Services Module (translations, interpreting, internal services)
  • Master Calendar Module

The database was build with MySQL and Eloquent ORM; for the development of the web app, we worked with Laravel. It was a great choice for building the right architecture for the application, especially for the roles and permissions system.

On frontend we used the popular HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax technologies, and for instant communication between the test user and the notifications we used sockets.

Client's Benefits

  • Their business is now more efficient, with a team efficiency increase of 70%.
  • They were able to automate all activities that could be automated, up to 75% of all the tasks that were previously performed manually.
  • The new platform is flexible and adaptable enough so as to support both the growth and the diversification of their activity and make it easier to modify procedures, user roles and permissions.