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We deliver scalable apps and full-cycle development services for iOS and Android as well as cross-platform applications that take advantage of native features.

Start-to-end app development company in Romania.

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Using Staff augmentation services for your product development means to relieve your company of the pressure of constant developing and improving new apps for your customers.

We invest all our expertise, know-how and technology skills in delivering trustworthy and competitive mobile applications.

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Android Developers and iOS Developers can help you with a mobile application software at the right app development cost.


By using React Native we can create a single app, that can work on two platforms such as IOS and Android, using the same JavaScript codebase. In other words, you get to save a lot of capital by working with a single developer's team instead of two and more than half of the development time. As a bonus, React Native works as fast as a Native app. The modular and intuitive interface allows other developers to delve into someone else's project and build upon it, making the process of creating updates and upgrades easier.


Roweb is an expert in developing independent mobile applications with the perfect screen resolution, suited for a wide range of devices and compatible with competitive hardware solutions.

We cover different domains like:

  • Task Management
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Real estate
  • Health care
  • Advertising Games
  • Mobile Utilities
  • Entertainment
  • Management systems
  • Augmented Reality

Technologies that we use

OS and production environment

Windows, Mac OS, Android Studio, Google Play

Development languages

Java, C/C++, Kotlin

Frameworks and Components

Android SDK, Flutter and ReactNative

Presentation Layer


ORMs and Databases

SQLite, GreenDao, Room

Processing data


Spring, SAX, DOM

Development Environment and Collaboration

ADT plugin for Eclipse

OS and production environment

Mac OS, XCode, Apple Store

Development languages

Objective C, C/C++, Swift

Frameworks and Components

Cocoa/Cocoa Touch, OpenGL ES, AudioToolbox, CoreLocation, Flutter and ReactNative

Presentation Layer

UIKit, Core Graphics

ORMs and Databases

SQLite, ObjectBox

Processing data

RestKit, Core Data SQLite

Development Environment and Collaboration


Interface Builder

OS and production environment

Windows, Mac OS, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code


Titanium; Silverlight; ASP.NET; PHP; AJAX; PhoneGap; Cordova; Ionic ;

Development languages

HTML5 / CSS, KnockoutJS, Twitter Bootstrap, Angular, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch

Samples of our work

Shared Pockets Shared Pockets

Android SDK, Firebase, Google API, Facebook API

DiGiConsul DiGiConsul

Objective-C, C, C++, Android SDK, Java, Tesseract OCR, OpenCV, ASP.NET, MVC...

Samples of our work

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