Teilor is a Romanian jewelry brand, with a national network of stores and services.


Magento 2, Bootstrap, Rest APIs, Google Maps APIs, MobilPay, Odoo, Kayako



Upgrading from a limiting proprietary platform to Magento 2

In 2014, Teilor were having their website built on a proprietary platform that was limiting both in terms of e-commerce functionality and content management possibilities.

They decided to re-design their website to offer their customers the same high-class shopping experience as they would receive in-store.

  • Responsive
  • ERP
  • Multilanguage  
  • Custom
  • SEO

A national chain of jewelry stores. An e-commerce site built for growth.

Teilor is Romanian-owned brand that started out locally and grew into a chain of 25+ stylish stores in 13 Romanian cities, while also catering to the needs of international customers through their online store.

We recommended Magento as the most suitable platform for their requirements, for its stability, extensibility and great out-of-the-box functionality.

Understanding e-commerce business needs.

We provided consultancy in choosing the technical solutions to be used and determining their infrastructure and performance optimization needs, while accommodating particular requests from their part. While migrating to Magento, we developed:

  • checka reliable and scalable e-commerce solution with complex functionalities that would adapt to Teilor’ growing business requirements
  • checka migration process from the old website to Magento, that avoids any negative impact in terms of SEO
  • checkautomation of processes and integration with their ERP

Benefits of the new website

  • checkPersonalized responsive design, for an improved shopping experience on mobile phones and tablets
  • checkMulti-site, multi-language setup, with custom SEO-friendly English store URLs
  • checkCustom product catalogue import procedures, importing the content from the previous website and preserving the authority in search engines
  • checkAutomation of tasks (synchronization with Teilor' ERP, automatic prices updates based on multiple criteria like gold karat tier prices)
  • checkA dedicated hosting solution optimized for performance
  • checkCustom category pages, with smart product filters and mixed product attributes
  • checkSubtle and stylish animations, tooltips and visual effects
  • checkTailor-made store locator functionality, mapping of the catalogue products with the physical stores

We went the extra mile to migrate their product catalogue while still retaining their Google authority, by indexing thousands of links - some of them manually.

The client has permanent access to an expert team that quickly finds and implements solutions to any issue that might arise.

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The initial project consisted in implementing Magento 1 e-commerce platform. In 2017 we migrated the platform to Magento 2 and created a beautiful custom designed responsive interface. The new website features custom blogs and news sections, tailor-made product filtering and a simplified checkout process.

We’re integrating with Odoo ERP (Former OpenERP) for automated product imports and orders exports.


We provided Teilor with consultancy on how to:

  • checkImprove their performance on search engines
  • checkImport and reuse their old product catalog and structure it better
  • checkImprove the users' shopping experience
  • checkAutomate a series of administrative tasks such as price calculation and update
  • checkObtain a dedicated hosting solution and optimize the website for it

In 2013 we decided to launch our new e-commerce enabled website. In the process we screened many agencies and selected 5 whom we asked to prepare a pitch. Since the beginning Roweb showed a willingness to understand our business and its needs. This meant that they were able to offer us a modern and flexible solution that adapted the best practices in e-commerce to our particular case of a fine jewellery retailer. Roweb implemented a custom responsive design on the Magento platform in a time- and cost-efficient manner. Read More Since the launch of the website we have seen how useful Roweb’s recommendations have been in practice: we now have a platform that is user-friendly and easy to manage. Managing the website no longer requires any formal IT background. The ROI was better than we expected, which enabled us to continue investing in the website and add new features. Overall, Roweb provided us with the best solution for our business and excellent value for our budget.

Florin Enache

Florin Enache
General Manager Teilor