Enterprise solutions

We have built various types of enterprise applications in a wide range of domains, including Real Estate, HR & Recruiting, Booking Systems, Financial Applications, CRM, Large Ecommerce Systems, Logistics.

As your business grows you need more complex applications to support your workflow.

Here at Roweb we create elaborate, scalable and component based enterprise apps from bottom-up, or we can upgrade your current enterprise applications to meet your new requirements.

We develop complex enterprise solutions which are fit to satisfy thousands of separate requirements and assist you in solving particular business problems.

We synchronize data from multiple platforms in one single enterprise application which leads to lower costs. Information is delivered according to the preset security clearance, eliminating waste and increasing productivity.

Upgrade or build a new
enterprise application


Reduce costs
and increase profit


Create reports that suggest how you can improve your business


Learn more about your customers and build stronger relationships


Improve internal
business process

We make custom suggestions that improve your business

Our experts evaluate your business, learn more about your competitors and inform you of any risks related to your original business environment,  finding ways to consolidate your business processes and reduce costs.

We develop or improve an application until it meets your exact requirements.


What we can
create for you:

  • Automated billing systems that are safe for you and for your clients
  • Email marketing systems that keep your prospects engaged
  • HR Management that keep track of your employees
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications
  • Content management that will keep your visitors up to date
  • Enterprise Portals

Samples of our work

VMS 365 VMS 365

SQL Server, SQL Reporting, jQuery, Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, WebAPI, ElasticSearch, Knockout, RabbitMq, HTML5...

Real Estate CRM Real Estate CRM