SaaS Platform for Automating Processes & Managing Apps - (Pearn Kandola, UK)

  • access to an entire suite of digital tools within one place
  • multi-level user experience
  • automated processes
  • multiple apps management


PHP, MySQL, React, Lumen, Nginx, Docker

SaaS Platform Pearn Kandola

A "Software as a Service" (SaaS) application that is able to provide higher user experience and increase interaction with Pearn Kandola’s products at various user levels.

The context

Our Client

Pearn Kandola is an organization that offers support to different companies from the people management & employees acclimatization perspectives. Our client’s core mission is to help their client-companies to provide a modern and fair workplace by promoting Diversity & Inclusion.

In its path to accomplish its mission and based on its experts in psychology and leadership, Pearn Kandola provides support through 2 main channels:

  • services (audits, coaching, training, courses, etc.);
  • digital solutions (research & analytic tools).

Client’s needs

For optimizing the interaction with their products (e.g., support materials, apps, etc), and increase time speed for informational transfer and processing, Pearn Kandola owners decided to develop an all-in-one platform.

The platform was not a premiere project. The client already had developed a similar platform in the past, but that one no longer responded to the organization’s objectives (it was outdated, did not allow proper optimizations, and did not provide a good user experience).

The new platform should function as a hub where different types of users (consultants, managers, employees, etc.) can access and manage informational assets.

One of our clients recommended Roweb as a reliable, dedicated development team provider, able to adapt fast to Pearn Kandola’s requests.

SaaS Platform Pearn Kandola


Generate full usability for its products and highlight their real value through a complete digital solution - a dynamic platform designed with the user in mind.

SaaS Platform Pearn Kandola

Phase #0: The MVP

Initially, we’ve designed from scratch an MVP based on the client’s requests and on the following 4 objectives:

  • redesigning the platform architecture with PHP Laravel;
  • keeping the focus on delivering great user experience;
  • optimizing existing integrated apps;
  • developing new apps into the platform.

This MVP used the structure built for iTeams with some differences:

  • restructuring workflows to accommodate allows one platform to manage multiple Apps;
  • moving common functions such as ‘communications’ to a global level;
  • having the ability to build Apps base;
  • allowing administrators to control all aspects of Apps, pricing, and support.

Phase #1: Developing Pearn Kandola Digital platform

Based on the MVP we’ve delivered, the client decided to turn it into a real digital solution, more complex, with enhanced features and higher usability.

We developed Pearn Kandola Digital - a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) application that empowers PK consultants and clients to access its entire suite of digital tools within one place.

Digital products developed with Roweb:

  • iLEAD: allows for large numbers of people to access feedback, reflection, and development planning - all results presented within a personal dashboard;
  • iLEAD Lite - a condensed suite of online tools, designed around the Pearn Kandola leadership model. In less than 45 minutes, leaders and managers can get essential and insightful feedback on People, Task, and Thought Leadership;
  • iLEAD Tools - an innovative suite of leadership development tools that improve and support the development of leaders in three core areas: People, Task and Thought Leadership;
  • PK 360 - adaptable solution for collecting detailed feedback, thus allowing anyone to keep in touch with the observations and expectations of colleagues;
  • PK INDYNAMICS REMOTE - provides feedback on how equipped individuals are to work remotely;
  • PK INDYNAMICS TEAMS - a digital tool that provides insights on how inclusive the users are individually and collectively.

(Other products: Dashboard, Inclusive Leader Tools)

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SaaS Platform Pearn Kandola

Phase #2: Extending platform development through new features and apps

The delivered platform's proven efficiency made room for new business development directions: designing and implementing brand new apps that can respond to PK's clients' needs at a higher level.

In this context, the client decided to continue the project and start developing with our team phase #2 - a work-in-progress phase where new products and approaches are about to be evaluated, tested and delivered to the clients.

Features and functionalities

  • multi-level users access;
  • personal dashboard for users;
  • clean and engaging user experience;
  • custom design;
  • easily manageable set-up for new projects;
  • automation-based processes;
  • automated extraction of relevant data from dispersed sources;
  • matching results with predefined interpretations;
  • multiple options for displaying the information (reports, charts, etc.)
  • fast results delivery;
  • flexibility in adding/removing Apps;
  • EU GDPR and UK COI best practice and regulations compliant (encryption of passwords, SSL and possibility to anonymize user when deleted);
SaaS Platform Pearn Kandola
SaaS Platform Pearn Kandola
SaaS Platform Pearn Kandola
SaaS Platform Pearn Kandola
SaaS Platform Pearn Kandola
SaaS Platform Pearn Kandola

The benefits

General benefits delivered by the new platform:

  • maximizes the potential of Pearn Kandola digitally to support existing services;
  • provides tools for consultants to launch unlimited Apps instantly;
  • offers Apps via modules via a Mix ‘n’ Match structure that is consistent across all;
  • engages clients and client employees/candidates better;
  • empowers clients with access to specific Apps to self-manage.

Key-benefits for companies

Aelivering only relevant and useful results, easy to manage, and interpret.

Key-benefits for employees

Accessing fast results in a complete but understandable form.

Key-benefit for consultants

Automating the entire process: more focus on providing professional value, reduced subjectivity and human error, and no more manual, time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Overcoming client's expectations

Offering responsive technical solutions for specific challenges, like generating unique output for data coming from dispersed sources. The solution provided now has the ability to extract data from multiple sources, match the results with predefined interpretations, and display a complete report for the user.

Roles we cover:

For Pearn Kandola Digital project we provided a full-time dedicated software developers team that was able to shift priorities and adapt fast to the client’s requirements.

Project Manager

Quality Assurance



Project Steps
Auditing client's needs and requirements
Designing and developing the MVP
Identifying further opportunities for the client
Developing and implementing the web solution
Delivering and validating the solution
Starting phase #2