Smart website design for Smart Imobs

Easily navigable web design, customized WHISE CRM, and advanced features


PHP, HTML5, Bootstrap, Web Services, WordPress, Social Media Integration, Responsive Design, Blog Integration, Custom Multi-Criteria Search

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Imobs’ Challenges

Usually, a visitor doesn't spend more than 15 seconds on a website if the information does not meet his expectations.

Our client's main challenge was to obtain a performant website able to integrate complex tools and features that are specific for the real estate industry.


Reducing agents’ time and effort, increasing sales volume and attracting qualified prospects through an easily navigable design, customized WHISE CRM and advanced features.

Our client

Smart Imobs is a notorious real estate agency from Sibiu with a significant focus on customer satisfaction.

Over the past years, the agency’s owners developed a customer-centric strategy to differentiate the brand’s values in Sibiu’s real estate market and to give full support to their agents for generating evergreen relationships with their clients.

The client was searching for a trustworthy software partner that could offer him an end-to-end solution. The new website must be able to respond both to the real estate customers’ and the company’s agents’ needs and expectations.

Imobs’ customers’ needs & expectations

  • to be welcomed by a friendly and intuitive design;
  • to be one click away from useful and relevant information;
  • to easily access smart and intuitive filters, tags and search tools;
  • to get relevant results in only a few seconds;
  • to interact with clear and easy scannable sales messages.

Imobs’ agents’ needs & expectations

  • to give visitors a quick snapshot of their offer;
  • to save time and effort for managing contacts;
  • to shorten and simplify the buying process;
  • to professionally market their properties;
  • to increase the volume of the qualified leads;
  • to easily close deals and nurture clients with upselling offers;
  • to track customers behavior on-site;
  • to improve their offers based on relevant insights.
Top benefits
  • easily navigable and streamlined design;
  • embody Smart Imobs clients’ brand, message and purpose;
  • effortless responsiveness to visitors’ needs;
  • a fully optimized website without being too crowded or intrusive;
  • complex and advanced real estate features;
  • intuitive and clean website’s content architecture;
  • management made easy for properties, contacts, emails and reports;
  • simplifying and shortening the acquisition process.
Overcoming client's expectations

We delivered a customer-oriented real estate website that fits into the client's budget and still offers a reliable and complete solution

by integrating specific features and functions able to facilitate qualified conversions on-page. We also provided a smart integration with WHISE CRM that easies agents' work: they can manage properties through only one click.

Project details

Project Team

1 Project Manager
1 Web Developer
1 Web Designer
2 months Delivering time

Features and functionalities:

  • custom design;
  • social media and blog integration;
  • CRM system integrated with the website;
  • custom functions that would simplify the management of every agency operation;
  • custom user login for properties’ owners;
  • online matching;
  • taxes calculator;
  • custom favorites functionality;
  • price alert functionality;
  • property matching alerts;
  • Walk Score integration to show points of interest around each property;
  • a custom version of our WHISE CRM web service (enabling our client to manage properties, contacts, emails and reports easily).

Project's steps


Auditing client's needs and requirements


Identifying further opportunities for the client


Delivering and validating the project’s proposal


Implementing and testing and client approval


Maintenance and management of the delivered solution


Competitional assets

real estate offers at visitors fingertip

easy-to-buy process

smart customer-relation tools

higher responsiveness and engagement from real estate agents

searches based on POI, based on Google algorithms

easy way to attract exclusive estates

For the new website development project, what we appreciated the most about the WHISE & ROWEB’s teams was their great experience in CRM implementation along with their flexibility and capability to adapt fast once the project became more complex than we’ve expected. Our general perception was that we work with a skilled team able to offer great advice and support anytime is needed.

Darius Mihaltan

Smart Imobiliare


In 2004 we started with a small web dev team wanting to make a difference in the software services market.

Today we count about 127 professionals that are part of our team and over 1000 successfully delivered projects for global clients (from 30 countries).

Usually, our clients recommend our services because we know how to:

  • think outside the box;
  • deliver smart and customized solutions;
  • allocate dedicated teams;
  • embody innovative technologies;
  • customize and adapt to new and changing requests;
  • offer an excellent cost/quality ratio;
  • deliver perfect integration between the solutions.