Java for Enterprise Security Internship

April - May 2017

Thanks for applying for our Java internship.

We are Cristi and Costin and we prepared a small test that shouldn't take more than several hours in total. When done, submit the results to

1. What topics would you like to be covered in this internship?


2. Using githubpages ( could you please rewrite a part of your resume?

You could add, for example, a info section: nickname, an education section and a Resources section listing a set of 4 online resources that you appreciate: books, sites, forums, blogs, etc. Please send the link to your page.


OPTIONALLY FOR A HUGE BONUS you could submit a response for one or both following questions:

1. Please write a one page essay about a software topic that interests you: 250-500 words. At the end of the week you will receive an essay from other 2-3 candidates that you will be requested to evaluate with grades and feedback from 1(essay that you didn't appreciate) to 5 (for an essay that you loved).

The communication will be managed by us so you will not interact with other candidates. If you will like to receive feedback from more than 2 candidates, you can ask to receive more essays that you want to grade. Let us know how many essays you will like to receive: minimum 2.


2. Write a program in your preferred language that given an array of integers `A` will find all the pairs of numbers that if subtracted will result in a specific given number M. For example for the array `A={4,5,10,11,6}` and the number `M=-1` will return the following pairs: `0-1, 2-3, 1-4`. This means that `A[1]-A[0]=5-4=-1 A[3]-A[2]=11-10=-1 si A[1]-A[4]=5-6=-1` .

Please make a zip with your files if there are more.



  • Training in a wide range of technologies, provided by experienced, enthusiastic and friendly colleagues
  • Professional experience, internship certificate and a reference – at the end of the internship program
  • Full-time employment for the most talented interns
  • A pleasant work environment at our office
  • A relaxed and supportive environment that encourages you to reach your full potential
  • Maximum flexibility, no rigid rules. We’re not a corporation, we’re a dynamic and enthusiastic company that will give you the chance to try on different roles




Having 11 years of experience in Oracle technologies and 15 years overall IT experience, I am fascinated by the universe of Enterprise Security and Identity Governance (Identity and Access Management).


My goal is to help organizations mitigate data loss and prevent security breaches by designing and implementing full scale IAM solutions.


I'm a full-stack developer with more than 15 years experience in various industries and types of software. I had all the roles that you can have in a software project.


I equally enjoy project startups, legacy project migrations or project recovery. In order to be successful you need vision, creativity, experience and a clear understanding of all the issues that could appear in software development since prediction is less costly than recovering.


My preferred technology stack is playframework and scala dubbed by agile eXtreme Programming practices.