Plata RCA


Android 2.2+, iOS 4.3+, SQLite, XML, GreenDAO ORM, Alarm Manager, Local Notifications


Mobile Applications / Insurance

The mobile app Plata RCA was built to extend the functionality of and to enable users to find the insurance offers that best fit their need, fast and easily, on their mobile devices.

Through this app, the users can browse offers for medical, car or home insurance from all major insurance companies in Romania and choose the one that best suits their needs and budget.


For the Android app:
  • XML content type structure
  • Alarm Manager
  • SQLite local database using GreenDAO ORM
  • presentation layer: XML Android 2.2 +
For the iOS app:
  • XML content type structure
  • Local Notifications SQLite local database
  • iOS 6 +


  • user profile can include multiple cars and owners
  • order history users are notified when they need to renew their insurance
  • user friendly design