Recruiter Genie


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Gauge offers innovative applications that enhance processes, engagement, strategy and cost effectiveness. Their solutions enable smart direct recruitment, real-time human capital insights, quick and accurate psychometric talent profiling and bespoke digital apps. We had previously developed for them and they asked us to build a solution for clients' end-users.


Recruiter Genie is a candidate assessment system (ATS), aiming to identify better suited candidates for job openings and at the same time support professionals in finding the right job for them.

This software was created to help recruit directly, reduce hiring time and costs and provide a complex, but easy to use solution for external recruiters.


Recruiter Genie empowers line managers with shortlists of information like videos, CV's and talent profiles allowing them to easily compare candidates. For recruiters this solution comes in handy for engaging candidates on a deeper level and driving greater response rates.


  • Recruiter Genie enhances talent pools by segmenting users
  • Offers talent profiling, videos and location mapping
  • Skype and social media integration
  • Google Enterprise Search added to offer dynamic CV search and rank candidates disregarding the origin and type of the user information
  • Recruitment support for users to drive media awareness, create jobs directly and rank candidates for client shortlists
  • Cadidate Comparison
  • Multimedia Distribution
  • Stats and Facts section
  • Personality Profiling
  • Candidate application
  • Candidate Ranking
  • Multiple Admin/Recruiter Users
  • Mobile friendly online solution
  • Proprietary skills rating system
  • Location map and travel costs estimates
  • Candidates are able to access their two-way communication Recruiter Genie account


  • Working with a flexible team, that protected their budget by scaling up or down according to their needs
  • Access to a wide variety of technical skills, ranging from HTML and CSS, to C# and SQL
  • A reliable partnership that continues to meet their high quality standards

Gauge has been working with Roweb since 2011. They are quick, cost effective and direct, every project has been delivered to meet its objectives. More than just a production house, Roweb also provides the skills and knowledge to help enhance your processes and functions prior to build and make them future proofed. Not only have we developed our own solutions with Roweb, we have developed 3rd parties projects and introduced clients direct.


Spencer Wright

CEO / Head of Development Gauge360