Slinvite - Social app for sharing events


.NET for server side; Mobile app: iOS SDK, Facebook login, Location services, Google Maps, Calendar integration, Push notifications with UrbanAirship, Firebase, Dynamic Links, Direct messaging


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Slinvite is an app that helps users discover new activities, join and organize events and things to do based on their interests and social circles. They can see what's going on in their city or wherever they’re travelling, keep everyone in the loop and share the photos of what they do together with their friends.


  • The app is quickly searchable, facilitating discovery
  • Joining events with options and filters
  • Multiple users’ locations - both locally or in travel destinations
  • The app is community – centered, users can build groups of activity buddies
  • The calendar feature helps users keep track of what’s coming up & plan ahead
  • Push notifications - adjustable preferences for staying up to date
  • Direct messaging simplifies communication
  • Sharing photos with friends


The app makes it as easy as possible for users to find others who are interested in doing similar things: A user can choose to create a single Slinvite (event), join a single Slinvite and choose how to receive notifications, create a Group or join a Group.

Groups can also create Slinvites (events), which works great for people that enjoy doing similar things often. Each group member can choose to receive all Group notifications, or just notifications about the Group Slinvites they have RSVP’d to.

Users have the option to join a Slinvite without the requirement of joining the Group.

Slinvites and Groups are defined by interests. To help determine this there are two levels: Categories and Interests. Interests are found inside categories.

For example:

Category: Outdoors

Interest: Hiking

Hiking is an interest inside the Outdoors Category


The Slinvite concept includes an iOS mobile app and an admin panel. Our client had previously worked with us on a web project and based on the success of our collaboration, we were their first choice when they wanted a mobile application. They already had a clear idea of the product that they wanted us to build, and we adhered to their concept as closely as possible, but also successfully implemented changes and new requests that came up along the development process.

Slinvite is a large-scale app that includes over 50 screens and we had a team of four members working on this project: an iOS developer, a .NET developer, a designer and a project manager.

The technologies that we used were .NET for the server side, and for the mobile app: iOS SDK, Facebook login integration, Location services, Google Maps, integration with Calendar, Push notifications with UrbanAirship, Firebase, Dynamic Links, Direct messaging and deep linking.


  • A partner they already knew that could trust and had a deep understanding of their objectives
  • Capability to develop a large-scale app with complex functionalities
  • A one-stop shop approach: we were able to take care of all of their needs, mobile development, visual and UX design, and the development of the admin panel.


  • dotnet
  • ios-sdk
  • googlemaps
  • urbanairship
  • firebase
  • app-store-btn