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Is a renowned "globetrotter" with a great experience in understanding specific markets in various countries, constantly seeking opportunities to launch start-ups and monetize their online businesses ideas.


Our client approached us with a business idea that relied on social networking and proved to be a success as soon as the Beta version was launched. The main challenge was to create and define an open and free marketplace for micro-businesses all over the world.

They wanted to develop a self-marketing platform where members create their own product showrooms, buy or sell products, join specific communities and seamlessly interact with each other and with their clients.


We customized a Social Engine platform with third-party plugins, adapting them to fit the client's needs. The platform was developed in PHP 5 using Zend Framework 2, MySQL as a database and for the front end we used Twitter Bootstrap, CSS3 & HTML5.

We had to implement an advanced Caching solution to boost the efficiency of the hosting resources and, as Ezebee users began uploading more and more images, we decided to move them on Amazon S3.

As the project advanced, the team grew from 2 to 6 developers. We adjusted the delivery milestones to fit the client's needs, varying from daily updates to once-every-two-weeks launches.

The website was designed to support a high number of concurrent users and was hosted on the Amazon Cloud using many of the AWS APl and features like: Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Route 53, Amazon EBS, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon RDBS, Amazon ElastiCache.

We added a Facebook ‘like' internal option available to Ezebee members only, where they can like or share a showroom, suggest it to friends, send messages, add a showroom to favourites, having all of these actions displayed in their Ezebee community of choice.

We combined a powerful social network with a responsive online selling platform to deliver a set of intuitive useful tools to vendors around the world:

  • Full integration of Facebook APl with the following possible actions: sign up, login, post products and Facebook page tab application
  • Twitter signup and login
  • lntegrated tools to increase brands' SEO visibility and social networking website link sharing for brand marketing
  • Possibility to join discussions within the community or establish connections with other business owners
  • Implementation of Ezebee's own payment system - the beecoin 
The final result was an online social marketing network that combines a powerful social network with e-commerce features.


  • The platform that we created met and exceeded the client's expectations in terms of quality and performance, which attracted the investors that they were seeking
  • The client made significant cost savings compared to what they would have spent trying to build a similar-quality product in-house
  • Our extensive experience in developing complex web solutions and high level of professionalism ensured that deliveries were always made on time, without compromising on quality
  • The excellent communication between the client and us, thanks to our team's technical and linguistic proficiency, meant that the client was able to effortlessly get their needs across
  • Our successful collaboration with this client spanned 4 years
  • Ezebee has caught the interest of online communities and gained considerable attention from several online publications describing its end-user's benefits.

We first approached Roweb with a broad description of the social commerce platform we had envisioned and we were happy to find that they quickly grasped the concept and were as excited about it as we were. What we liked best about working with them is the fact that they delivered a tight-knit team that’s used to working together efficiently, instead of individual developers, as it is the case with many staff augmentation services providers. Read More We have a great communication and they’ve been very receptive to having the team travel to our headquarters whenever we thought it was necessary to work together in person. We regularly keep in touch through frequent skype meetings and we really get the sense that we’re all part of the same team. Working with Roweb has made it easy for us to access multiple technical skills. The team proved capable of making a smooth transition from PHP to Node.JS as Ezebee grew and we needed to scale up, and they quickly learned new skills and adapted to our requests. I would readily recommend Roweb for their innovative mindset fuelled by passion for their work and love of new challenges.


Ossian Vogel

Co-founder, CEO