ABCpdf is a popular development library for creating and manipulating Adobe PDF documents.

Designed for the Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP, Abc PDF also includes a virtualised COM interface for backward compatibility and interopability. The product documentation contains code examples written in C Sharp (C#) and Visual Basic .NET for each major function of the library. The installation is accompanied by several example projects which may be freely adapted to suite any purpose. The library is actively developed, with each new release maintaining compliance with the most recent PDF reference.



ABCpdf supports Unicode and foreign languages, including bi-directional text such as Arabic and Hebrew, and double-byte character sets such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.


Color Management

ABCpdf supports ICC profiles, transparencies, color spaces such as CMYK, RGB, greyscale, 1-bit black & white, and spot colors.



ABCpdf is proprietory software and the webSupergoo licenses vary depending on the version installed. A typical license agreement is published on their web site. Specific license agreements are located under the menu item of each installed product.