Authorize .NET

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway can help you accept credit card and electronic check payments quickly and affordably.

What is Authorize.Net?

Authorize.Net is a payment gateway service that manages the submission of billions of transactions allowing merchants to accept electronic payment methods through their web sites over an IP connection. This company claims to be Internet's biggest payment gateway service provider. On late 2007, CyberSource Corporation acquired Authorize.Net. Collectively, the companies processed approximately 1.9 billion transactions in 2008, representing $109 billion of e-commerce.

Jeff Knowles has founded Authorize.Net in 1996 in Utah when he recognized the need to connect websites to credit card processors allowing them to accept credit card payments over Internet. Authorize.Net is now representing over 250.000 online merchants and the connection is now known as a payment gateway. Authorize.Net is a pioneer in the e-commerce industry being launched ahead of huge internet companies like Google, Amazon or Yahoo.

A wide variety of services is enabled by Authorize.Net such as: managing credit card and electronic check transactions via web sites, retail stores, mail order, call centers and mobile devices. The company successively shifted hands since Jeff Knowless initially sold it in 1999, and since 2007 Authorize.Net is owned by Visa, the dominant credit card issuer in the world.


All about Authorize.Net:

  • Reputation: the company deals with more merchants than any other payment gateway system.
  • Easy to Integrate: the company provides few methods for linking websites to the payment gateway.
  • Free customer support: free customer support via toll-free telephone, e-mail and online chat.
  • Scalability: the company offers valuable solutions for cost-conscious merchants.
  • Business Partnership: offers products and value-adding services and tools that help merchants minimize risk, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Authorize.Net supports a wide variety of business industries such as: information, communication, government, sports, religion, education, gourmet foods and many others.