Blueprint Studios

We built two native mobile apps for Blueprint Studios, a California-based event rentals company. Both the iOS and the Android app enable users to easily find everything they need for any special event and both apps tie in with the brand's visual identity and offer their customers a wonderful and coordinated online experience.


iOS, Objective C, Android SDK, Java, PHP



We were commissioned to build an Android and an iOS application that would provide the same user experience as the Blueprint website, which we had built for them.

The client tried having a different provider build the mobile apps, but they weren't able to deliver functional products that met the client's requirements, so we had to refactor the code and come up with the design for the applications.

Customers set up an account, search for what they need or browse the product categories, Get inspired, What's new, Collections by color or Designer Picks sections for inspirations, add products to their wishlist or cart as they browse, and when they've decided what they want, simply request a quote based on the content of their shopping cart.

  • Native Apps
  • API
  • UX
  • Redesign
  • Maintenance

Blueprint Studios' platform presents all of the rentals that might be needed to create a unique event, completely tailored to their customers' needs.

As special events become more complex and stylized, Blueprint Studios continues to build the largest collection of cutting-edge event rental furnishings. Their vast inventory enhances customers' ability to create the most unique and tailored networking or social environments with one-stop design.

Project Features

Both mobile apps are synced with the website, which means that regardless of where the users first set up their account and the platform or device through which they access it later, their activities, including their wishlists, will all be synchronized.

Blue Studios operate in multiple physical locations and the apps enable users to change stores and view the products that each has to offer. They can view the store locations displayed on a map and also contact each store via email or phone call from within the apps.

Users can log in with their email and password, or with their Facebook account, to save time, and the intuitive dashboard gives them a quick overview of all of the app's features:

What's new, Collections by color, Designer Picks, Wishlist, Shopping cart and Product categories. The shopping cart allows users to instantly import the content of their wish list and a search function helps them quickly find what they need. The sticky menu appears on every screen, making navigation easier and more intuitive.


An Agile team with the right expertize completed the project in 2 months

Our designer handled the concept for the applications. We had 2 mobile developers working on this project, one for the Android and one for the iOS app, refactoring the code and implementing the new design, and a third developer for the API, who improved the process and sped up the delivery. We used Agile project management, for an iterative, incremental process, which enabled us to easily adapt to our client's requests.

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    Project Manager

  • 2

  • 2 months
    Developing time

  • Native apps
    (Android & iOS) and Website


We developed the apps using the following technologies: iOS, Objective C, Android SDK, Java, PHP, SQLite, REST API; and tools: Android Studio for Android, XCode for iOS. Both apps benefit of social media integration, enabling users to sign in with their Facebook account.

For displaying and caching the images, we used a Picasso library, and, thanks to SQLite, we saved a part of the data locally in order to be easily accessed by users. The Android application also benefits from Material Design elements, for an optimal digital experience.


Benefits for the apps users

  • Get inspired by the "Designer Picks".
  • Keep up to date with the latest decor and design in the "What's New" section.
  • "Collections by Color" - Browse a vast rental inventory, color coded for your convenience.
  • Preview polished productions: portfolio of "Weddings, Galas & Trade Shows."
  • "Floral Design, Printing & Graphics, Custom Fabrication" and more. An interactive app allows you to tailor your event with the swipe of your finger.
  • Set up a profile, make inquiries or start imagining a dream event with the "Wish list" feature.
  • Easy navigation on the screens
  • Ability to import the Wish list into the Shopping cart

Benefits for our client:

  • Vastly improved design and user experience, in line with their e-commerce website and brand identity
  • Higher performance and speed
  • The applications are updated to the latest Android and iOS versions
  • We created the mobile design concept, to tie in with their identity, while offering users a high-end experience
  • Expert consultancy from a designer and a UX specialist
  • Our extensive experience in the necessary technologies and in mobile design enabled us to succeed where the initial developers had failed
  • A one-stop-shop solutions: we had the know-how for both the Android and the iOS development, as well as for refactoring, so our client was able to have all of their problems solved by a single provider, instead of having to split the project between different providers and deal with the communication and maintenance difficulties that would have entailed

Download the Blueprint Studios mobile apps for free!

Android and iOS apps are available for download in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store.