DIBS Payment Services is the leading Scandinavian online payment service provider. The company is the result of a merger in 2006 between DIBS A/S and DebiTech AB. Today we serve more than 12,000 customers from our offices in Copenhagen, Aalborg, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.

What is DIBS?

Dibs Payment Services is the no1 Scandinavian online payment provider, but it represented in 20 countries and has a record of more than 1 billion transactions. The company has multiple offices in Copenhagen, Aalborg, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo and serves more than 12.000 customer.

DIBS offers a safe payment solution for e-commerce shops that require credit card payments, bank payments or one of the other payment types accessible through DIBS system. With DIBS online shop owners can concentrate or running their business as the company is responsible for operating, servicing and maintaining different payment solutions. This system ensures top security demands from card issuers and acquirers are implemented centrally.

Offers a very popular payment method, with an unique set of functionalities ensuring a great coverage of the most requested payment methods and in the same time offering a powerful tools for managing payments. Up to 260 different currencies available, more than 40 different payment options with one integration in an easy manageable user friendly administration.


Technical information

We have compiled all that is required to integrate your shop with DIBS. In most of the cases an integration can be completely set up in few hours as any online shop can choose different methods to integrate with DIBS.

DIBS System technical setup has been constructed as simple as possible with an extra layer of fraud protection. The 3D Secure standard has been developed by Visa with the service name Verified by Visa. MasterCard version of the similar service is named MasterCard SecureCode. Card payments are frequently combined with invoice and bank payments.