What is iDEAL?

iDEAL is a payment gateway specially created for a collection of agreements and standards for online transfer from the buyer's bank account to the online shop or organization bank account. This e-commerce payment system is used in Netherlands and is based on online banking. This payment method allows customers to make internet purchases using online transfers.


The system presents the following features:

  • Consumer can pay via online banking
  • instant payment confirmation followed by an irreversibe transfer into the retailer’s account.
  • Using an e-mail link, suitable for instant online payment and for retrospective payments

iDEAL uses the same environment as customers online banking sites. The system is completely secured by using a two factor authentication or 2FA also, no private information is shared with the merchant such as credit card numbers etc.


This system works as follows:

  • The merchant has iDEAL as payment method
  • iDEAL is selected by the consumer
  • The consumer is redirected to his bank's login page
  • the transaction data is displayed
  • thanks to 2FA token clients enters account number and signs the transaction digitally
  • transaction is authorized by the bank in real time deducting the amount directly from the consumer's account – in case there is not enough money in the account then the transaction will be declined
  • The merchant receives instant confirmation of the payment from the bank's part.
  • The client get redirected towards merchant's page confirming the payment.

Currence is the owner of the iDeal trademark and is defining and managing the requirements for the various things and activities of the participants on the iDeal payment system.