Porsche Bank Shop

Porsche Finance Group Romania offers car financing and insurance for the Group brands: Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Volkswagen Autovehicule Comerciale, Porsche and Das Weltauto.


Magento 2, Knockout, LESS,
Rest APIs, Google Maps APIs, PayUnity



Building the first e-commerce solution for selling both cars and financing online.

The client needed to develop a one-stop shop solutions for selling products (the cars and accessories) and services (financing, insurance, maintenance).

This approach is a premiere for the Romanian market as the precheck and pre-approval of the financing package is also done online, in a fast process.

  • Responsive Design
  • Financial
  • Online
  • Fast
  • Online

Splitting the project in phases: Concept, Design, Development, QA, Go live

By splitting a project lifecycle into clear and separate phases, we refined a simple 5 steps technique that allows us and our clients to innovate while maintaining control over the processes and resources involved.

An online car loan package you can configure yourself

When buying the cars, clients are able to configure the financial package by selecting the upfront payment and the number of years.

The system then shows all the monthly fees and generates custom pdfs containing all the information the client needs regarding the financial timetable, the insurance rates and the car and accessories details. Simple.


New type of ecommerce solution. Same best practice process.

Meeting business needs is always a matter of following best practices into:

  • checkDesigning a nice interface but using familiar elements
  • checkSimplifying the forms to be filled as much as possible
  • checkUsing quality media elements (pictures, video)
  • checkFocusing on quality and testing on a wide range of devices to make sure the site can be utilized on a large number of devices
  • 1
    Project Manager

  • 2

  • 4 months
    Developing time

  • 1

Simple, tunnel-like buying experience

The process we designed enables the users to have a straight-forward, tunnel-like experience, channeling them towards the buying in a few steps:

  • checkChoose a car model
  • checkGet more details about the car configuration
  • checkPre-check
  • checkCheckout and payment of a reservation fee


The project is based on Magento2 with a totally custom designed interface. We developed a REST API and a custom Magento module for doing the financial precheck of the customer. PDFs containing the financial timetables, credit rates info, the details about the car and accessories are generated online. We're using PayUnity for the online payment of the car reservation fees


Website features and functionality

  • checkShowing detailed car information
  • checkCalculating the credit rates on the fly, based on the period and the advance payment
  • checkGenerating detailed financial timetables containing information about the credit rates, the car and accessories and the insurance
  • checkAdvanced financial pre-check algorithms
  • checkSelecting the car dealer point to deliver the car to
  • checkPaying a reservation fee online

Benefits for our client:

  • checkGenerate sales
  • checkIntroduce users to this new car buying experience
  • checkGain insights into consumer behavior
  • checkSimplify the precheck process
  • checkGetting paperwork done automatically
  • checkAdd new features when business needs increase