Baby Medical Care for iOS & Android


Android 2.2+, iOS 4.3+, XML, SQLite, GreenDAO ORM


Mobile Applications / Other industries

Baby Medical Care app aims in helping parents better monitor the condition of an ill child according to generally pediatric principles.

Using this must have for all parents application, always you can keep a clear overview of the situation when your child is ill.

Baby Medical Care application was created according to medical information needs, to help parents record and track back important data during their children sickness episodes, enabling them to monitor medication result, the types and number of stools and throw-ups and each day amount of liquids lost or ingested.

Whenever a child needs a medical consult, having these records, parents can provide the child's medic with correct and complete information and clear the path to an exact diagnosis and treatment. Parents also will be able to check treatment's effect in case the child is treated at home.

Although Baby Medical Care initially was created to keep track infants condition and medical care, it can be used for adults and elderly too.

Please be advised that Baby Medical Care is meant to assist you and never to replace or skip medic's advice.



  • SQLite local database using GreenDAO ORM
  • presentation layer: XML
  • graphic charts
  • Android 2.2 +


  • SQLite local database
  • graphic charts
  • iOS 4.3 +


  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - very intuitive having suggestive icons
  • TEMPERATURE IN FAHRENHEIT AND CELSIUS - data log for temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius with option to mark medication use after temperature measuring
  • LIQUIDS IN MILLILITRES AND US fl Oz. - data log for drink (categorized for different types) in millilitres and US fl Oz.
  • STOOLS, DIAPERS, THROW-UPS - data log for the number of stools.
  • REAL TIME GRAPHICS - charts for temperature, stools, throw-ups and drinks with entries colour-coded based upon medication use or type of stools, diapers, throw-ups and drink.