What is PostFinance?

PostFinance is the financial service unit of the Swiss Post and was founded more than a century ago in 1906. This organization is the fifth largest retail financial institution in Switzerland and its main area of activity is in local and global payments. Also there is a smaller but fast growing part in different areas such as savings, pensions and real estate. In mid 2013 PostFinance became the fifth largest bank in Switzerland as the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority granted a bank license to this institution.

PostFinance is the ideal partner for all customers needing to manage their own finances, being a leading company for financial transactions in Switzerland guaranteeing hassle-free cash flow on daily basis.


Simple and attractive offer

PostFinance offers services to help customers with their daily financial needs whether it involves savings, paying, investments, providing for your future or financing. The company offers great-priced products with many strong individual benefits.


PostFinance is a history with great future

Over time PostFinance has transformed itself from a postal cheque service to a successful retail financial institution offering an array of services, so for the past century they have been discovering new ways of working.