SecureTrading's core business is payment processing, but as our name suggests we also strive to enable all our merchants to trade securely on the internet.

What is Secure Trading?

Secure Trading is on of the biggest independent payment service provider aiming to help online business succeed through state-of-the-art technology and leading expertise. This system allows you to accept credit and debit cards and other payment methods such as PayPal and Ukash online using reliable and secure internet payment gateways. Secure Trading was founded back in 1997 to help internet based companies maximize sales by offering customers alternative payment methods and reduce losses by minimizing the threat of internet fraud.

With Secure Trading Merchant Account Service help the company ca provide with a one stop shop which is an Internet Merchant ID and Payment Gateway. By having a MID, customers can use SecureTrading Payment Gateway to process your card payment in multiple currencies. So with SecureTrading you can do all this and more.


The company has focused on:

  • Security and reliability – having a great uptime record
  • flexibility and agility – continuously integrating new technologies
  • independent advices – as the company is not linked to any acquiring bank
  • seamless integration - keeping client processes light and simple

This company offers a complete package of anti-fraud services including the 3-D Secure, CVV2 and AVS to SecureTrading Fraud Score enabling IP checking and SecureTrading Identity Check which enables full KYC checks. All that significantly reducing the threat of online fraud.

SecureTrading is integrated with banks world wide, as well as multiple shopping carts, secondary payment providers and e-commerce solution specialists. The unique partnering package rewards SecureTrading partners every time they successfully introduce their e-commerce customers and continues to reward them as the client grows.