Shared Pockets - A collaborative, multi-currency budget app for Android & iOS


Objective C, KVNProgress, SDWebImage, Firebase, Android SDK, Google Play Services Auth, Retrofit, Glide, Facebook Android SDK


Shared Pockets is one of the first collaborative, and the most user-friendly and customizable budgeting app currently on the market.

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Users can install it for free and start organizing their income streams, tracking their expenses and managing their budget, including for goals where they’re pooling in money with other users, in any currency that they need, as well as cryptocurrencies and gas.

Shared Pockets enables users to track and organize their income streams and expenses more efficiently, and even identify ways to cut expenses and save more money.


Building both apps involved a team of 5 developers and a Project Manager.

Shared Pockets enables users to create multiple pockets for different purposes, like sharing gas expenses, rent & utilities, paying for expenses for a business trip from a „company pocket” and for a vacation from a „family pocket”, budgeting events both large and small scale, and saving for medium and long-term goals. Users can customize it anyway they need, create unlimited categories, and once they’re done with a „pocket”, simply delete it.

It’s very easy to use and the speech-to-text and social sign-in functions save users a lot of time. The ability to track their history and export CSV files enables them to improve the way they manage their spending.


The iOS app was developed using Objective C, the development target is 10.0 and was built using mainly Firebase Realtime Database.



AFNetworking for API requests


Firebase Auth for login and registration using email and password


Firebase Database for saving pockets’ data


Firebase Storage for saving profile picture and transaction’s picture


Firebase Crash for sending crash reports to developers


Firebase Messaging for the notifications feature


Firebase Dynamic Links for inviting friends


Google SignIn for registration and login using a Google account


Facebook SignIn for registration and login using a Facebook account


KVNProgress for displaying a loading indicator


SDWebImage for downloading and caching images





The Android app was developed using Android SDK, and the minimum version on which the app works is Android 5.0 (Lollipop)



for notifications, crash reports and application stats: Firebase


for REST API calls: Retrofit


for loading images: Glide


for login with a Google account: Google Play Services Auth


for login with a Facebook account: Facebook Android SDK


for cropping images: Android Image Cropper


 Social media login: You can start using Shared Pockets with just one click by signing in with your Facebook or Google accounts

 Multiple pockets and multiple currencies, including crypto-currencies and gas. You will be able to see all the transactions you have done for each category

 Speech - to - text saves you time for every transaction

 Share your pockets: The share function allows you to add another friend or family member on any particular pocket

 Notifications: The users you will add on your pocket will be notified and they will have the possibility to accept or decline the invitation

 Export data: Your pockets’ transactions can be exported as CSV files, helping you analyze your expenses and identify ways to optimize them and save money

 Archive pockets: when you no longer need a pocket, you can just archive it to your account’s history

 Shared Pockets is the easiest to use app of this type currently available

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