SmartCity for Smart Pitesti: complete digital solution for improved public services

  • digital solution able to provide reduced time and costs for solving problems;
  • great asset for the “City Hall one click away” project;
  • smart integration with external platforms (e.g.,

“We now have a dedicated mobile app, citizens from Pitesti being able to access useful information instantly and place complaints/ notifications directly from their mobile phones. We also now have a more friendly interface on our website - designed with citizens’ needs in mind - and intuitive backoffice web for municipality’s staff .”

Cristian Gentea

Mayor of Pitesti

Top communication pain points solved through one intuitive solution

Reduced/eliminated bureaucracy

Safe and efficient interactions

Safe and efficient interactions

Online complaints management

Real-time connectivity

Need to optimize public services in the city/community you manage? SmartCity can become YOUR city/community’s smart solution.

Dedicated mobile app for complaints and notifications

iOS & Android app designed for Pitesti citizens so they can access information on events/ announcements and place complaints directly from their phones.

Features and options available in the citizens’ mobile app:

  • placing a new complaint/request;
  • notification list;
  • complaints map;
  • news page;
  • GDPR policy;
  • about Pitesti City Hall;
  • emergency phone numbers;
  • other public institutions;
  • payments using;

User-friendly backoffice web for Pitesti municipality’s staff

Intuitive system designed with the municipality staff in mind for real-time receiving and managing the citizens' complaints and requests.

  • when a new event (complaint) is added to the Mobile App, the system sends an automated email to the departments in charge;
  • faster synchronization of the public institutions’ activities and easier complaints management;
  • easy edits for complaints/events/information (list / map /filtering/ add / edit / delete)
  • multiple-view options for complaints (categories, subcategories / departments);
  • intuitive management for users and internal users (list / add / edit / delete);
  • easy edits and management for cities and counties (list / add / edit);
  • complaint localization - this can be visualized directly on Google Maps, and administration employees can identify the location right away;
  • instant notifications in the Mobile App for every new event, announcement, or complaint added.



Is it possible to implement only one or two modules - not the whole digital solution?

Can the solution be adapted for other public services?

Is the solution developed exclusively for public services?

From where the mobile application can be downloaded by citizens?

Does the solution also come with support information for proper use?