How Projects Run?

We do not expect you, our potential customer, to present us well-defined and/or structured requirements. Just speak out your thoughts and expectations and it is quite enough for us to start analyzing your project. We will analyze your information, ask some questions, offer you more ideas and then formalize your answers in the form of project documentation.

Your benefit is that you gain the full description of your business needs, elaborated by our specialists within a very short period of time. A quick and easy way to start the project!

We clearly describe the business requirements of the system so it will take you minimal efforts to study and evaluate them. On the basis of the agreed business requirements, we prepare and propose an optimal, technical solution.

Our proposals can vary from a simple estimation of workload and cost of project up to the full suggestion regarding architecture of the project, technologies analysis, TOC (total cost of ownership) estimation, design suggestions, etc. Initial estimation of the project is free and usually developed within a couple of days.

A typical software development project has several phases. The key phases are:



Start of the project and initial requirements collection. Takes about 5-10% of the project.



Requirements collection and analysis, planning, creation of design and architecture of the system take place in this phase. Takes about 20-30% of the time.



The biggest part, where most of coding, development, and testing are performed. Takes about 50-70% of time.



It is when the results of our work are delivered to the customer and the product is installed. Takes about 10% of time.

These four stages are the integral part of any project. But then, depending on complexity of a project, its budget, and customer's goals, a project may or may not contain some parts, like user documentation preparation, extended technical documentation development, extra testing, etc.

This means that our process is flexible and can be customized according to your specific needs.


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