What is Stripe?

Stripe offers a set of unified APIs and tools that instantly allows businesses to accept and manage online payments

With STRIPE individuals and businesses can accept payments over the internet. Mainly this is a payment processing service to help you accept money through your website. It is not only our opinion when we say that probably Stripe is easier to use and understand, simpler to set up and more flexible than Paypal.

Stripe offers a convenient method for exchanging money in a secure way so your clients may trust buying products online from your organization. Not every payment processing service is created to become equal but Stripe provides an excellent overall value. Stripe's main goal was to simplify online transactions and create an easy to use interface.


A short overview on Stripe's Benefits

  • without having the trouble of complex payment gateway, merchant bank accounts and PCI compliance Stripe is able to process payments directly on your website
  • customer's data are kept safe thanks to a secure interaction with Stripe servers
  • simple checkout experience within within your own web site improved conversions and competitive pricing
  • it offers analytics and reporting
  • seamless setup, maintenance and integration
  • support whenever help is needed
  • do not charges back for refunds or disputes

Stripe will interact through twitter, email, chat and phone. Offers chatroom with real developers and business staff for direct talk. The staff will be discussing with you until your problem is solved and your technology is up and running.



Stripe offers library integration with all major programming languages, rich complete documents and javascripts that makes embedding functionality directly into your website by a simple copy and paste.

To sum-it-up we can say that Stripe is trust worthy for your online payments as its hands-down the way to go for payment processing online. The bottom line is that this payment system will save you money, with less headaches.