TaxIoT, off-the-shelf web solution for taxi fleet management (IoT-based)

  • taximeters remote monitoring and control made-easy
  • dedicated features for getting full compliance with the National Regulations
  • real-time interconnectivity & data transfer for physical devices and the web solution (IoT)


C#, Asp.Net Core, NodeJs, Angular, SQL, NoSQL

Web IoT-based solution for remote monitoring and control of taximeters in compliance with the National Regulations.

The context

About IoT market

The IoT (Internet of Things) market revenue is impressive, proving by figures (e.g., in 2020 - $212 billion worldwide) a growing trend embraced by both users and companies. Smart cities, smart homes, performant remote management, etc. - all these will rely (sooner or later) on IoT. And things won’t stop here.

The transportation industry is one of the most receptive when it comes to IoT adoption. For instance, to stay in the game and cope better with the market changes, the taxi companies are more willing (than ever) to implement IoT based fleet management solution.

Why TaxIoT

Devices management. Real-time route tracking and control. Extracting data for daily and monthly reports. Respecting all National Regulations. (etc.) There are plenty of things a taxi fleet manager has to do - usually using disparate solutions.

Based on these challenges, we’ve identified the opportunity to develop a complete digital solution able to integrate all the data and the tools needed in one place and allow admin users to manage activities remotely.

This type of solution could integrate devices, networking, and software applications, assuring edge and cloud data processing and operations, and interconnection with business applications.


The solution

We developed a web-based solution for remote monitoring and control of taximeters based on a microservices architecture.

The web-app helps taxi companies’ owners to save money and be flexible by monitoring applications and scale up the infrastructure.

We define it as an off-the-shelf fleet management solution because it has an already-developed architecture easily customizable for new implementations.

Key-benefits provided by TaxIoT:

  • Features for the equipment’s producer, distributors, and end-users:
  • Features for the equipment’s producer, distributors, and end-users:
  • Facilities for remote device configuration;
  • Regular national reporting;
  • On-line data visualization (including geolocation, status, and parameters of the devices).


The app’s architecture is based on multiple microservices

Agent Portal

Microservice for the interactions with the client app.

Coordinate Service

Microservice for daily coordinates and routes storage.

Dispatch Service

Taxi dispatch system for real-time activities management.

GeoData Service

Microservice allowing instant calculation of the distances.

Scoring Service

Fast calculation and overview of the associated score for each registered item.

Other Microservices

Auction Service / Authentification Service / Email Service / Logger Service / Receipt Service / TcpProxy Service

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Device functionalities

  • Counter for distance, speed, and running time using a wheel sensor;
  • Course tracking using different tariffs;
  • Geo-location via GPS;
  • Device-lamp pairing/avoiding lamp lift;
  • GPRS data transmission;
  • Data stored in SD-card, encrypted;
  • Incorporated printer for fiscal receipt and received messages;
  • Remote configuration of the device;
  • Unique digital certificated device loaded, registered with national authorities;
  • Generated and sent (to the app server) the daily and monthly reports required by the National Regulations;
  • Continuous sending identification message (each 10 sec) to app server containing IMEI, serial;
  • Number and GPS coordinates;
  • Bluetooth communication used as a back-up for GPRS communication;
  • The device is MCU controlled, has an LCD, printer, encryption processor, memory and fiscal memory, GPS, GPRS, Bluetooth, and SD-card storage.

App functionalities

  • Users authentication via username and password;
  • Provides required audit data on users and operations;
  • Device assignation to each distributor and data storage;
  • Provides on-line device status;
  • Assure remote device programming and configuration;
  • Stores device configuration history;
  • Records and store information about device end-users, including fiscal requirements;
  • Remote device fiscal initialization;
  • Process reports received from the device;
  • Generated reports under fiscal regulations;
  • Assure app subscriptions monitoring and related device lock/unlock;
  • Provide on-line information about device status, parameters, and location;
  • On-line display of vehicle geolocation on the map;
  • AMQP application communication protocol.

Early adoption or customized solution?

Off-the-shelf TaxIoT solution is not the only option.

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C#, Asp.Net Core, NodeJs, Angular, SQL, NoSQL