Loan app development with multi-user level environment

  • multi-user level environment (Partners, Borrowers, and Loans Provider)
  • robust, scalable, and secure app architecture
  • built-in features for high performance


Web API 2 C#, ASP.NET, AngularJs + Typescript, Bootstrap, Package Manager: Bower, npm, Automation, Gulp, Entity Framework, NoSql, Elastic Search, hosted on Windows Server with IIS.

loan app development banking solution

A highly secure and performant app that provides a simplified loan approval process by synchronizing two digital solutions: an intranet platform (designed for employees) and an external platform (designed for Partners and Borrowers).

loan app development banking solution


Our Client

Our client-company is a specialist lender offering straightforward long-term loans to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg.

This bank (our client) works with a network of partners who prepare the loan application on behalf of the SME. The loan approval process starts with an initial screening done using a limited number of questions and critical figures (integrated into a predefined format). Based on the screening results, the bank takes the decision (proceed with the application or not).

Client’s needs/goals

The bank works with a network of partners who prepare the loan application on behalf of the SME. Initially, the process was based on using various apps and platforms – with poor synchronizations between them. This lack of unified systems generated a high risk of errors, data loss, and delays during the process.

So, what our client needed was an online solution that allows easy and secure management for loan applications at multiple levels: Partners (accountants, corporate finance advisors, law firms, tax advisors, private equity funds, and other banks), Borrowers, and Loans Provider (the bank).

The solution

We developed the app by following an Agile software engineering methodology and by using the latest version of ASP.NET and taking advantage of all the modern features from .NET framework.

The app’s architecture is clean, robust, and scalable and integrates several performance optimizations, designed with high-traffic scenarios in mind (index optimizations, partitioning, etc.)

The solution connects 2 apps:

  • an intranet platform for employees;
  • an external app for partners and clients.

For hosting, we use IIS on Windows Server, which is one of the best options in terms of reliability, security, and speed. We take advantage of the built-in features like caching and enhanced compression to provide high performance for all the user access levels.

Level of users

  • Partners
  • Borrowers
  • Loans provider

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loan app development banking solution

Features and functionalities:

The web-based application is designed to manage Partners, Borrowers, and Loans by offering a unified, intuitive, and dynamic digital environment with multilevel features and functionalities:

  • Security – high-security level respecting current industry best practices to protect customer information and deter unauthorized access;
  • Scalability – the solution is based on an architectural design capable of future scaling to any servers running the application tier;
  • Availability – the system requires guaranteed “four nines” availability;
  • Performance – the system requires performance levels sufficient for smooth operation under the projected storage and traffic workload. The app integrates several performance features, like:
    • loan tracking – both the client and the bank can track the loan stages;
    • extended requests– by adding new information/document to the initial loan request, based on its stage;
    • loan approval – automated/manual approval process according to the loan’s stage;
  • Authentication – access is strictly limited to authenticated users;
  • Concurrency/Transactions – the ability to serve many users simultaneously;
  • Multi-Language – the application is Multilanguage (English, Dutch, and German).
loan app development banking solution loan app development banking solution loan app development banking solution


  • AngularJs + Typescript
  • Package Manager: Bower, npm
  • Automation Tool: Gulp
  • Bootstrap


  • Web API 2 C#
  • SQL Server - for system master DB
  • Elastic Search - for audit events data
  • ASP.NET Identity - for authentication
  • Entity Framework for Data Access

The process


Auditing client's needs and requirements


Identifying further opportunities for the client


Delivering and validating the project's proposal


Implementing and testing and client approval


Maintenance and management of the delivered solution


Delivering and training internal users for a performant use