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  • Dedicated website
  • Digital menu
  • Application manager
  • Ordering app
  • CRM
  • Delivery app
Mr Crispy

The adaptation of the Horeka by Roweb solution (restaurant software) for Mr. Crispy Romania with the following objectives: increasing the visibility and relevance of the brand online, the direct attraction of new customers, and the strategic reinvestment of profit to extend the business.

Mr Crispy Mr Crispy


During the pandemic, most businesses were forced to move their activity online in order to remain relevant. The management of Mr. Crispy, a brand that is part of an industry strongly affected by the pandemic, decided to adapt quickly to the context by implementing a solution that would be easy to use for both employees and customers.


The Mr. Crispy Romania franchise has two locations in Arges (one in Pitesti and one in Topoloveni) and two more locations in Bucharest.

"We have over 12 years of experience in HoReCa. We know the industry very well. After we opened our first restaurant last year in November, we quickly realized that we needed a reliable partner to help us be present among young people and adults. The pandemic has taught us that we need digital, and Horeka by Roweb is the ideal partner for those who want to benefit from a website and an application at a fair price-quality ratio."

Cristian Lazarescu | Administrator of Mr. Crispy Romania.


For the client, we adapted the existing Horeka by Roweb solution (restaurant software), taking into account the specific needs of the business:

  • reflecting the vision of the franchise;
  • high volume of online sales;
  • direct and fast communication with clients;
  • customer loyalty starting from their consumption behavior and expectations;
  • tracking over defined periods of time (for example: monthly or weekly) of sales;
  • management of several remote locations.
Mr Crispy Mr Crispy
Mr Crispy Mr Crispy

Modules implemented for Mr. Crispy:

Mr Crispy

Dedicated website - Website dedicated to eCommerce, intuitive and dynamic, which allows promoting offers and taking orders.

Mr Crispy

Digital currency - Menu based on QR code or NFC tag for quick and safe access to the restaurant's products.

Mr Crispy

Manager application - Dedicated application that allows efficient management of activities from a single screen.

Mr Crispy

Ordering app - Smartphone application available on iOS and Android that allows placing orders online.

Mr Crispy

CRM - The platform that allows management to see the evolution of sales and extract information on what can be improved.

Mr Crispy

Delivery app - An application connected with that of the manager to instantly receive any new order that needs to be delivered.


After 5 months of using the Horeka by Roweb solution (restaurant software), the number of orders increased by 111% and the total amount collected by 123%.


The number of orders increased by


the total amount collected

The number of orders increased, on average, by 22%, and the value received, on average, by 23% every month.


The number of orders increased


The value received, on average

Mr Crispy

Cristi Lazarescu

Cristi Lazarescu

This is a performant solution!!! User friendly, provides features to gain customer loyalty, intuitive and simple tracking per month/week, and so many more. On short, this solution was from the beginning what we needed to help our business to grow.


from the case study on the Horeka by Roweb page.