Multilevel Industrial Software Solutions for CapsLock (International)

  • digitalization of execution for industrial projects
  • all information in one place
  • designed for multiple users/ multiple activities’ types


PHP, Laravel, Vue JS

industrial software solutions

Digitalization of execution for industrial projects (plant construction projects, piping projects, shutdown projects, etc.) by placing all the information in one place and instantly connecting multiple users from different locations (offices and construction sites).


Our Client

Capslock Industrial Service is a start-up that provides smart digital solutions for the Industrial Plant Construction Industry from 2019. The company’s main focus is to increase industrial projects’ efficiency through digitalization and innovation.

Client’s goals

The available software solutions for industrial project executions are quite limited. Most companies still work with disparate or/and outdated tools for current activities (excel lists, own created databases, custom but limited software solutions, barcode scanning solutions, etc.)

As digitization takes its toll increasingly stronger in all areas, industrial project managers struggle to keep things on track and respond fast to the dynamic clients’ and subcontractors’ expectations.

In this context, our client identified the opportunity of developing a dedicated solution (complex and useful at the same time) based on 2 premises: innovation-driven functionalities and digitalization beyond limitations.

industrial software solutions

Some key-pain-points for the Construction Industry (identified by our client):

  • every project execution involves multi-party roles (project owners, managers, project managers, subcontractors, team members, client) that are usually located in variate geographical points;
  • every role comes with specific requests, needs, and expectations;
  • main activities as communication, signing and exchanging documents between parties, and managing people and resources are usually difficult and time-consuming, negatively influencing efficiency both at the individual and overall/project team level;
  • even if time is a decisive factor for the profitability of a project, managers still use traditional, limited or outdated methods and tools;
  • the digital tools currently available on the industrial market are developed with limited functionalities without being able to connect efficiently with each other and inflexible from the perspective of their modernization and updating;
  • the construction industry needs a complex but easy-to-use digital solution designed with multiple users' level in mind and able to integrate various functionalities according to projects’ requirements.


Based on the main pain-points identified by our client for the construction industries, we’ve designed a software concept able to provide full usability for multiple users types.

Level of users:

  • Managers
  • Project team members
  • Subcontractors
  • Clients
  • custom roles created accordingly to the needs of the project

Along with the concept presentation, we also provided a punctual evaluation of the resources involved (dedicated team structure, allocated time, budget, etc.).

The delivered solution is a digital-plant project management application that allows activities like real-time communication, data and document transfers, staff and task management, resources calculation and management, subcontractor management, reporting, etc.

This solution's core goal is to gather everything in one place, automate and simplify the tasks, allow real-time tracking of the project's steps, and place valuable insights within reach.

industrial software solutions

Overview of what the solution offers:

  • all data and the documents that users need and expect gathered in one place;
  • real-time project evolution tracking;
  • flexible control and intervention over the projects (even remotely);
  • less workforce on the construction site / fewer costs with visits to construction sites;
  • more predictability on projects steps and faster accommodation on the project’s requirements;
  • easy and efficient knowledge and experience transfer (e.g., from a project to another);
  • improved and simplified communication, plus processes and workflows between project’s parties;
  • documentation (e.g., additional works performed) can be done directly at the construction site;
  • efficiently connects office/s with the construction site/s;
  • brings all the companies involved in a project in one platform;
  • reduce the data management effort by eliminating errors (like double entries) and redundant/time-consuming tasks;
  • places everything at user's fingertips (working hours and other forms can be filled and signed directly at construction site);
  • project proposals can be generated fastly (e.g, proposal for best prefabrication) - allowing optimizations for the production stage;
  • correspondence project management in one place;
  • smart suggestions based on the available information;
  • higher data security for the project’s execution;
  • digitalization of execution for industrial plant construction projects, piping works, shutdown works, etc.;
  • updated and accurate information - as a valuable support for meetings and for team members.
industrial software solutions

Benefits for managers

Great control and a fast overview of the project's evolution and flaws. Real-time information on the project’s status within reach, helping managers to make informed decisions and to remotely provide support to the team.

Benefits for project team members

All the offices and the construction teams work with the same data, have access to real-time status, and have a clear overview of the project execution workflow. Therefore, it perfectly connects the Construction site with the Office and simplifies organizing and following up tasks, ongoing work, and requirements - significantly helping to achieve the project's objectives.

Benefits for subcontractors

  • use one software to manage multiple disciplines;
  • make informed decision based on accurate information;
  • full material traceability from receiving until installation;
  • real time reporting for project’s progress;
  • send quick reference information and changes in the project to the partners;
  • reduced time and effort on Construction Site - main activities can be done remotely;
  • sign contracts, protocols or additional works fastly - at Construction Site;
  • etc.

Benefits for clients

Clients have access to relevant insights on the project’s status / execution and can make the right steps at the right time for getting the best projects results.

industrial software solutions

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Features and functionalities:

  • Line List Management;
  • Isometrics Management;
  • Warehouse;
  • Progress Reporting;
  • Welding Management;
  • As-Built Calculation;
  • Pressure Test Management;
  • TIE In Management;
  • Subcontractor Management;
  • Scaffolding Management;
  • Punch List;
  • Spool Management;
  • Task Manager;
  • Daily log, Hours recording.


PHP, Laravel, Vue JS

industrial software solutions
industrial software solutions
industrial software solutions

“The reason why I chose Roweb was because they give young people a chance. I have known from the beginning that they will develop the Application with young people, and by all challenges, the result is much better than expected.”

industrial software solutions

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