Extended radio experience - mobile app development for MFM Dance

  • re-designing and new implementation of MFM Dance online presence (app development for both Android and iOS)
  • mobile app built in React Native for more flexibility in further optimizations and extensions
  • improved live-streaming experience played in the background


React Native

Extended audience-targeting and improved radio experience through a fresh and easy-to-use mobile app (developed for both Android and iOS)


The app was developed in only one week and is available for both Google Play and App Store (Android & iOS).


The app is developed with ReactNative, allowing only one development (one app) for both main stores (Google Play & App Store).


The simpler an app is, the lower the costs will be. Furthermore, a single line of code = less future costs for further developments.


MFM Dance is one of the most popular and listened-to local radio stations that provides listeners access to various music types: club, party, and house music.

MFM Dance’s main listener profile is represented by local millennials interested in listening to a mix of modern and evergreen music.


Our client had an outdated mobile app unable to provide listeners access to its programs on their mobiles - the number of potential listeners being, that way, limited.

At the same time, MFM Dance focus became, in the past years, the online environment: live and YouTube broadcasts. So, what they needed was a performant app able to get their online activity at a new level.

Moreover, they made a soft rebranding for the radio by changing the name from Muntenia FM to MFM Dance.

So, they decided to refresh the MFM Dance mobile experience through a refreshed, user-friendly, and modern app.

Knowing Roweb through its projects, they decided to work with one of our teams to develop the new live-streaming app.

The solution

We developed a new mobile app for both Android and iOS. Our focus was on providing a modern, easy to use and stable live-streaming solution.

  • re-designing and new implementation of MFM Dance online presence (app development for both Android and iOS);
  • mobile app built in React Native for more flexibility in further optimizations and extensions. (This technology allows the use of only one code for both IOS and Android, that way, simplifying future improvements and maintenance);
  • improved live-streaming experience played in the background;
  • instant share option using several platforms (e-mail, social media platforms, WhatsApp, cloud platforms, etc.)

For developing the MFM Dance app, we used React Native as core technology and involved a 3-members team (1 x Project Manager + 1 x developer + 1 x UX designer).

As our client wanted a simple app, able to provide instant access to live radio once it is downloaded, the development process was also simple and fast. We delivered the app in one week.


Project overview




React Native

Project team:

1 x Project Manager + 1 x developer + 1 x UX designer

Delivery time:

1 week

The outcome

The client now uses a dynamic and intuitive mobile app that provides MFM Dance's radio programs easy access for their listeners. Moreover, the client gained access to iOS market (the initial app was available only on Android).

Benefits for our client:

The mobile app can be used from anywhere, anytime, and optimized easily - no limitations. So, now our client can reach extended audiences - beyond Arges county - and take into account further developments.

Benefits for radio listeners

The listeners can access MFM Dance’s radio from anywhere, and play it in the background, their favorite radio being at their fingertips - literally.

Overcoming client's expectations

Across this project, we’ve anticipated our client’s 3 essential needs: fast app development (less than 1 week), flexible code (single line of code for both IOS and Android that allows further optimizations and extensions) and new developments (e.g., refreshing the website).

Need to develop fast a custom and performant mobile app for your business?


Refreshing the MFM Dance’s website

The mobile app development was only the first step in the radio experience optimization process initiated by MFM Dance.

Out team already started the next development project: refreshing the MFM Dance’s website.

For refreshing the website, we took into account to:

  • provide complete redesign services with great focus on what users want and expect (UX design); .
  • integrate new and intuitive features and functionalities;
  • provide GDPR compliant web pages;
  • provide users with a modern and engaging experience.

What we appreciated the most about Roweb was the team. It proved high interest in our projects and came with several fresh ideas. Moreover, the delivery time was beyond expectations.

Mirela Barbu

Radio Moderator @MFM Dance