IT Security & Identity and Access Management

Central authentication to web & mobile applications, single sign-on, access management, strong authentication

Identity Governance and Administration

Legacy applications integration and API Management

Business Benefits


Reduce IT costs

IAM practices advise to automate and standardize many aspects of identity, authentication, and authorization management. This means you’ll be able to minimize significant labor costs associated with keeping your business environment secure. Identity and access management solution equips you with much-needed security without compromising on usability and convenience. To operate in today’s digital business environment, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” you’ll adopt IAM within your company.


Lower chances of data breaches

With SSO and MFA, your employees will no longer have to remember multiple passwords. Instead, they’ll be able to prove their identity using evidence-based authorization such as answering a personal question that only they would know. IAM tools use advanced encryption to protect sensitive data and so reduces the risk of compromised user credentials.


Achieve regulatory compliance

Businesses today must meet the constantly changing regulatory requirements concerning data access governance and privacy management. IAM systems we implement were designed with just that in mind and provide control over who can access data and how it can be used and shared.


Centralize access control

Too much access to certain systems are risky and too little can hamper productivity and frustrate users. IAM adoption aims for the perfect balance by letting you set centralized policies for the right access privilege.

Central authentication to web & mobile applications, single sign-on, access management, strong authentication

Single Sign-On

Achieve single sign-on to any SAML 2.0 or OpenID Connect protected application.

Access Management

Using UMA, a profile of OAuth 2.0, your organization can secure API’s and centralize authorization policies for applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Configure multi-factor and multi-step authentication to applications, and call external API’s such as intrusion detection.

Directory Integration

Bridge your existing identity infrastructure and your applications, and leverage user information across Active Directory or any LDAP V3 server.

User Management

Add, edit and manage people, groups and user attributes and claims to ensure the proper information is made available to the right people.


Customize workflows relating to the enrollment and registration process for registering new accounts.

For Access Management, API Security and User Managed Access, we specialize in the following product:

Identity Governance and Administration

Identity Governance

Lowers the risk and threats by giving you the possibility to determine and control how identity information is used, stored and shared.


A feedback mechanism to verify important actions in the system, for example if users got the accesses to correct systems.

Organizational Structure

implement a very flexible organizational structure model with support for hierarchical organizational trees and even accommodate other organization structure types.


Postpone selected actions (for example, role assignment) until they are approved by appropriate authority or authorities.

Organizational Structure


Credential Management

Gives your authorised internal and external users a secure access to certain passwords. Generate strong unique passwords for users as well as resources.

Entitlement Management

Specify the resources that your users are allowed to access. Assign users some roles and manage them as groups, projects, units or any other forms.

For Open Identity, Organization Management and Governance platforms, we specialize in the following product:

Legacy applications integration and API Management


Make it easier to discover and consume digital services from across the business, both internal and external.


Serves as a business service platform for the enterprise.


Identifies user identity and authorizes access based on roles or relationships.

For Integration and API Management, we specialize in the following products:

Technology stack

Programming languages




Data Access for Oracle, Postgres, MySQL/MariaDB and MS SQL Server

  • jdbc
  • spring

  • hibernate
  • jpa

Docker and Kubernetes

  • docker

Application Servers

  • oracle
  • tomcat

  • jetty
  • jboss

Consulting Services


Architecture, Design and Technology Selection

The foundation of any successful project is a clear alignment of technology capabilities with your strategic vision. Our services are designed to deliver a pragmatic, achievable roadmap for the solutions that addresses your needs. We use our deep domain expertise and industry knowledge to make the right technology choices.


Deployment of reliable IAM & integration solutions

IAM deployment is one of the most time-consuming and resource-intensive elements of an integration process. Using a mature set of tools and automated processes, we reduce deployment in production from months to weeks. And we own our tools instead of them owning us.


Custom Development in Java, Scala and Kotlin

We watched Java grow. We watch it’s children too.



Our experienced professionals help your team gain the specific skills they need using interactive, hands-on labs for an optimal learning experience.


We use agile methodologies and practices including Test Driven Development that allow us to deliver exceptional quality Java projects.

We are strong supporters of Continuous Delivery: the ability to get changes of all types — including new features, configuration changes, bug fixes and experiments — into production, or into the hands of users, safely and quickly in a sustainable way.

Our goal is to make deployments — whether in Cloud, of a large-scale distributed system, a complex production environment, an embedded system or an app — predictable, routine affairs that can be performed on demand.

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