Complete sales and marketing solution for restaurants

BENEFITS for Restaurant Owners:


Increased sales volume, thanks to shorter delivery time, online orders and remarketing


Simplified management of all operations


Less stress for serving and kitchen personnel


Shorter service time and happier customers


Insight to improve your customers’ experience, from surveys and built-in analytics


Enhance your customers' experience, online and in the restaurant

Ways of receiving orders

Your staff will receive website orders through multiple channels:

We provide you with applications that print out every booking and every order in real time. All orders are immediately printed in the kitchen to jump start the order preparation resulting in quicker and better service.
We develop Android and / or iOS applications that send real time push notifications to the restaurant owner, manager and employees for every booking and order, to help them synchronize and easily manage customer requests.
At the same time, the restaurant manager receives an email with the booking or order’s details, and the customer receives an email that confirms that his request had been received and is being processed.

CRM and Remarketing

Manage the information that your customers provide – name, phone number, email address – and use it for remarketing to boost your sales.

In addition to excellent customer service, this is the best ingredient to determine your customers to come back for more!

Boost on-site sales through faster ordering

Your customers no longer need to wait for employees to bring them menus.

They can simply scan a NFC tag or QR code on cards placed on every table, and be directed right away to the Menu section on your website.

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Marketing for Restaurants

We’ll promote your restaurant or pub through blog articles and advertorials, Facebook, Google, Instagram, SEO and profiles on listing websites.

We'll provide you with 24/7 support from a dedicated marketing consultant, who can answer your questions and advise you on the best ways to engage your audience.

Our online promotion services will drive awareness of your brand and convince potential customers to visit your restaurant or to place an order online.


Customer Satisfaction Insight

A NFC tag or QR code can also be used to direct your customers to an online survey, to make it easier for them to give you feedback about their experience.

This makes them feel more valued, increases brand loyalty and provides you with the information that you need to improve service, identify opportunities for growth and boost sales even more.

Additionally, we'll also design a business card that ties in with your brand identity, on the back side of the feedback card.


Video Presentation

We'll make you an eye-catching video that showcases the most spectacular dishes in your menu and the features that make your place unique. You can use it on your website, on social media or on listing websites so that your business stands out from the competition. You can also run it on the TV screens in your restaurant.


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Pitesti, Romania

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